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Harry Styles performing at the 2021 Grammy Awards
Harry Styles performing at the 2021 Grammy Awards
Photo by Francis Specker / CBS
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Best Looks From Harry Styles’s ‘Love on Tour’

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Siena chapter.

As many of you know, Harry Styles just recently concluded his North American leg of his ‘Love on Tour,’ which showcased 42 amazing, and different shows; he even just recently released show dates in Europe. As we also know, Harry Styles is known to have some pretty awesome outfits on stage. Since I am someone who loves Harry Styles AND fashion, why don’t we analyze my top five favorite looks of Styles’s ‘Love on Tour’ so far? These choices are not in order, considering it has been hard to pick my absolute favorite (though, there is one that sticks out in my mind, so read until the end to see it!). 

Before we get into my favorite looks, it’s important to analyze what his overall vibe was for this tour. Harry Styles is known to showcase bright, almost sultry looks, which shows in almost every ensemble he wore (unless you want to count Harryween, which I will be talking about later). Almost every outfit on his tour showcased a bright top, a matching bright bottom, and some type of boot; the outfits were also sometimes paired with some type of suspenders, or a decorated blazer! If you see his looks at any red carpet event, he tends to go toward the same style quite often.

My first favorite is probably one of the more “subdued” looks on his tour, yet has a type of flare that I enjoy. This look was from his first night in New York City, where he showcased a full-black outfit with a blazer that had feathered sleeves. Not only did it show a more sultry side to Styles, but it also added a bit of extraness to the whole look; I’m a sucker for feather additions to any piece!

Another amazing look Styles brought was his San Jose look, in which he wore a glittery-pink button-up shirt, with hot pink wide-leg pants. I’m usually not a huge fan of pink, but the two-toned pink look was amazing to me! Whenever he wore glitter and/or silk tops on his tour, it perfectly set the scene for the concert itself. Considering this look was early-on in his tour, it really set the stage for the rest of his looks on his tour (in coordination with the next one of my favorites!).

Styles’s Las Vegas look was also earlier-on in the tour (A.K.A. the first look on his tour), but this one brought forth some extra Vegas flare. He brought forth another pair of hot pink pants, but coordinated it with a metallic fringe vest. I’m still looking for a dupe to this vest, so if anyone knows a place to find it, please let me know. This look is definitely one of the most fun from the tour, and it fits with the location!

Nashville brought forth a champagne ensemble that once again, is another outfit that I’m looking to find a dupe for. This outfit was a monochrome, satin champagne, with wide-legged pants and a tighter-fitting vest. I don’t know, I guess I’m just a huge fan of Harry’s vest choices! Though this look was probably another subdued look from his tour, I think it really fit well with the location, as well as gave another side to his wardrobe. 

Finally, last but 100% not least (considering it has been my favorite), Harryween Night 1 in New York City has completely stolen my heart. Never in a million years would I have expected Styles to wear a Dorothy costume from Wizard of Oz. Not only did I ugly laugh when I saw this outfit, but I also saw numerous TikTok’s in which attendees of the concert accidentally matched with him. I think the whole situation was funny, continued to break gender norms, and also created an iconic moment in his tour.

Harry Styles’s ‘Love on Tour’ brought a wide variety of different looks; from satin neutrals, to bright metallic tassels, Styles upped the expectations of fashion on the big stage. Though Styles is one of the many who goes above and beyond on concert looks, it begins to set a different standard for men’s performances. His continuous breaking of gender norms on tour has made everyone love him so much more! What are your favorite looks from his tour?

Harry Styles at the 2021 Grammy Awards Red Carpet
Photo by Francis Specker / CBS