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Best Local Places to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Trying to figure out what to do for Valentine’s Day? Or Galentine’s Day? Here are some of the best places near Siena to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

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Proctors Theatre

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Go see a show!  The theatre can be both fun and romantic, making it the perfect place to go with your S.O. or your friends. Proctors has a variety of shows and is less than thirty minutes from Siena!

Crossgates Mall

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Treat yourself to some shopping, the arcade, bowling and a movie!  Crossgates has so much to do. You can even wait until the Friday or Saturday after V-day to take Siena’s shuttle to get there.

Rumors Salon and Spa

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Getting your hair done is always relaxing and can help you prep for a date and practice self-love. Rumors is right down the road from Siena too! 

Local Restaurants

There are tons of great restaurants. You could even treat yourself and your partner to dessert

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Siena’s campus


Don’t feel like driving or taking the bus?  Stay on campus!  Enjoy a free yoga class at the MAC, get some gelato at Saga, or go build a snowman. 


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Valentine’s Day is the (official) day to show love to yourself and to others. And you don’t have to go far to do just that! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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