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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Siena chapter.

Out of all the slide themes on Google Slides, there aren’t any that really stick out to me. I like to have slides that are fun, exciting and will grab the attention of the people I am presenting to. So, I go online and download copies of themes I can import into Google Slides. This way, I am able to customize them how I want, and there are some added extra icons, pictures and other features that allow me to make them more professional. Most of the themes that I import are from SlidesCarnival

All you have to do is head to SlidesCarnival, then search for a theme, next you will scroll down to use as Google Slide’s theme, wait for the new window to open up, make a copy of the slide theme, and then go back to Google Slides. Once here, open a new presentation, hit the import theme and then, under the presentations tab, click on the theme you want to import. Now you have access to all of the different slide templates for that particular theme you picked. Below are my top five themes that I have imported into Google Slides. 


This theme offers a little pop of color for a boring presentation you might have to do. There are many slide options and colors to choose from. I have used it many times, and am still finding new ways to make it my own and personalize things.


This one offers a little bit of shine and brightness to a presentation. There are slides that seem to be too much for me and seem a bit dark, so I opt not to use them. Honestly, whatever slide you want to use, do it and make it your own presentation.


These watercolor slides allow you to bring something unique to your presentation. There are many slide options to choose from, like the rest of these themes, but this one is a calmer, serious choice.


If you are looking for a neutral theme, this is the one for you. There are many slides that are light in color, and others that are a little darker. Nonetheless, all of them are on a neutral background which allows for those you are presenting for, feel calm and relaxed while you are presenting (and even you too if you get nervous when you present).


The background for all of these slide themes are the same, but the design of the text boxes are all different. This still allows for variation among the slides, but allows for a more serious and unified presentation overall.

I hope you found a new template that works for you, learned something new or have been inspired to make your presentations look spectacular and unique. Also, something to note is that most, if not all, of the templates on SlidesCarnival offer a couple slides at the end of the themes that have customized icons for that specific theme. It’s the little details that matter most and are what can tie everything together in the end – they make a difference. Let me know if you tried it out, and whether or not you liked them!

Nicole Caldara is Siena College Class of 2021 alumna. During her time at Siena, she studied Psychology and also had a Business minor and a Human Resource Development minor.