The Benefits of Working During College

There are so many benefits to working a part-time job during the school year. Not only do you get to make a bunch of new friends that make juggling a full-time school schedule less of a stress. It also has a lot of benefits that not only boost your resume, but it gives you valuable skills you’ll have for a lifetime.

1. It actually boosts your GPA, believe it or not!

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, working 20 hours or less actually boosts your GPA, not lowers it! It forces students to learn time management and figure out how to get all the assignments done with 20-40 hours less time a week compared to students who don’t work. But beware! It has been found that working over 20 hours actually decreases your GPA, so don’t overwork yourself!

2. The extra cash flow is definitely nice!

We all know payday is the best day! Watching your bank account rise or be replenished can always put a smile on your face!

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3. Speaking of money…it reduces student loan debt and can kick-start your savings account!

Working during the school year keeps that cash flow coming, which translates into extra cash to put towards student loans before they pile up too big. And whatever else is left can go toward saving for the future. Whether that be toward your first apartment, a big vacation to celebrate your accomplishments, or maybe starting up a new business all on your own. Whatever it is, the more money you’ve saved by working during the school years, the better off you’ll be after college ends.

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4. Time management

Like stated before, with X amount of hours gone from your week due to work, you’ll have to find a way to schedule enough time to do all your homework and find time to sleep. This year, I work Thursday through Saturday, roughly 20 hours…a lot more than the eight hours Saturday and Sunday I worked last year. The first week of figuring that out…was, well, stressing. Try figuring out how to pack a week’s worth of homework in one day, or at least feel like you have too? It’s all a part of working, but once you figure it out, it will be like it’s never been easier.

5. Having a job is a great resume booster.

Like every college student, we’re all looking for anything to boost our resumes. Having a job shows graduate school admissions and future employees that you can maintain a high GPA while working. It shows them you have the skills to manage time, that you’re a go-getter and that you’re industrious.