Being a Crazy Girlfriend is Fine With Me

I always say I wish the Psycho theme song would play in the background of my life every time I speak.

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God bless my boyfriend, he is so understanding. Most men would have run for the hills many months ago with half the things that come out of my mouth. I’m not completely sure if this article is an ode to him, or a formal confession that I am certifiably mentally insane.

A quick little background on the story of us. We are from the same town but he is a year older so we didn’t know each other too well in high school. We grew closer the summer after I graduated high school and once we got to Siena, we started to be best friends. I totally knew we were meant to date. So this is when the "crazy girlfriend" hormones kicked in. I think we were on campus about a week before I was asking him to be exclusive (he probably should have ran then). Less than a month later I kept nagging him to make things official and so we finally did. I can’t really give you a date so I make the entire season of fall our anniversary.

So, at home, in our small little suburb of Mahopac, we live a whole two streets away from each other. Seriously, I NEVER go to the gym and I could walk this in 5 minutes. At Siena we live….wait for it...TWO FLOORS away from each other. So now imagine constantly being within five minutes of the person you love; I promise you will get a little crazy possessive too.

Now we have been together over a year and the crazy scale is broken. I think it’s also important to note that I’m not following him around with a pair of binoculars, just a shared location on his iPhone. Okay, we only did that for a few months. Then I realized if we weren’t together the only other place he went was the gym and suddenly it wasn’t so fun anymore.

As I mentioned above, my boyfriend is a year ahead of me in school. I dread 2018, because this is our doomsday. The person who has lived five minutes from me our whole relationship will no longer be at school with me. I am a nervous planner, so obviously I am going to plan for this upcoming year. I can’t change that I will be at school, but he sure can change where he spends his year post-grad. *Cue flood of crazy GF hormones*

I pull up Google and type in: 'affordable apartments, Loudonville, NY.' Don’t worry! We are in luck! Plenty of places for my boyfriend to move….no boomerang baby here. I’ll put deposits down on these places if I have to. The great news is Albany is so close and always looking for new hires! My boyfriend, like most men, loves to "wing it." He makes the most of every day but definitely does not think about tomorrow. So while I am making an Excel spreadsheet titled: "You and Me 2015- FOREVERRRRR!!!!!!" so I can plan our lives, he is busy planning that night's date, or the next concert we should go see. He tries to stress as little as possible so 2018 is totally not on his radar.


He brings me back to reality when the planning and the crazy consumes me and that is exactly why I will not let him go. (Also because he scratches my back and takes naps with me. So sorry, you can’t have him!)  

Full disclosure: I embellished a tad bit and no apartment deposits were put down.

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