Backpacks vs. Purses

Backpacks or purses? Backpacks are a go-to and easy carry option that is perfect for school. Purses are a more stylish option that can add some excitement to your everyday outfit.


Backpacks -- sure, they’re functional, but are they stylish? As collegiettes, we have a lot to carry. At any given time, we might have books, a laptop, chargers, makeup, enough snacks to feed a small army, water, coffee, glasses, and other miscellaneous items shoved in one of the countless zippers that you probably haven't opened in months. Plus, if you get a certain type of backpack, you can carry all of your belongings in comfort. Luckily, companies have been making super stylish and chic backpacks to suit collegiettes.

However, it’s easily said that backpacks can be large and heavy. Since your backpack is on your back, anything you put in your bag isn’t easily accessible. It is a lot harder to put together a cute outfit with a turtle shell on your back. Not to mention, if you happen to wear a skirt or dress, the backpack can cause your skirt or dress to ride up in the back, causing a fun Marilyn Monroe-esque scene, minus all the Marilyn-glamour, on the quad.


Another option for carrying all your belongings is a purse. If accessorized right, purses can make your outfit look much better than a backpack. They can dress up any outfit, while also contributing the functionality of holding your books and anything else you could possibly need for the day. On the pro-side, purses sit on or around your hip, and that makes it super accessible.

If you are looking for a more fashionable option, to hold minimal stuff, you should go with a purse. If you are looking for a more sturdy choice to hold a good amount of stuff, a backpack is the option for you.

So, collegiettes, backpack or purse? Let us know what you use by tagging us on Twitter and Instagram @HerCampusSiena!

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