Backpack Essentials

Everyone knows that you should have the stuff you need, when you need it, right? Even though we know that, we always tend to forget things - and we usually don’t realize it until we actually need it. I have always been an organized person, so here are some things that I always found helpful to have in my bag, for daily use or just-in-case scenarios.

  1. 1. A Pencil Case

    I always have pens, pencils, markers, highlighters and erasers with me. You never know when a pen will run out of ink or a pencil needs more lead. Sometimes it’s nice to be able to give someone something if they forgot theirs too!

  2. 2. A Notebook

    You never know when you are in a meeting or class and you could forget your notebook for that specific event. Having a backup is always helpful.

  3. 3. A Folder

    Any papers you may get should always have a home! You can never be too organized ya know.

  4. 4. A Planner

    You can never be too organized. Remembering everything you have to do is hard, so writing it down is very helpful.

  5. 5. Math Supplies

    Even if you don’t think you will need them, you may find them helpful. I always have a ruler, compass, protractor and calculator in my bag. Especially a ruler, those always come in handy.

  6. 6. Headphones

    You never know when you will need to listen to a lesson online, want to listen to music or even FaceTime someone. I HATEEE when people FaceTime in public on speaker phone - DON’T BE THAT PERSON.

  7. 7. A Mini Makeup Bag

    Chapstick is a must in here. Especially around Fall and Winter when your lips will get the most dry. You also never know when your makeup will need a touch up too. I always have mascara, concealer and power in there too. When you’re going somewhere else and may need some extras, throw em in there.

  8. 8. A Mini Toiletries Bag

    I usually have a toothbrush and toothpaste, tissues, mints, gum, tampons and pads with me at all times. Having everything in one spot really helps. I have perfume, deodorant and lotion in there too.

    college packing list
  9. 9. A Nail File

    I know this could have gone in the above two bags, but I felt like it needed its own category here. This may just be me personally, but when I have a chipped nail it bugs the hell out of me and I always pick at it and it gets to the point where it's so short. If you have a nail file this can all be alleviated!

  10. 10. A Mini First Aid Kit

    I mean, come on, this one’s a given. You should always be prepared for things. You never know when you’ll need a bandaid.

  11. 11. A Pair of Winter Gloves

    I tend to forget gloves sometimes and walking around without them sucks. Having an extra pair has saved me countless times.

  12. 12. A Mini Umbrella

    Same as the gloves, ya never know! Sometimes it says it won’t rain and you’re out and about and then boom, it's just downpouring and you’re unprepared.

  13. 13. A Water Bottle

    You can never be too hydrated! You never know when you’ll be thirsty either.

  14. 14. An Extra Mask

    With COVID-19 and all now, having an extra mask can save you in more ways than one - like your actual life can be saved!

    reuseable surgical mask with phrase "don't panic" on a pink letter board
  15. 15. Hand Sanitizer

    Like the nail file, this needed its own category too. This is a must, especially now. Germs are gross, so stay on top of it.

This is just what I personally like to have with me. I have all these things in different compartments and bags inside my backpack. I hope this helps you guys stay prepared, organized and safe!