Back To School After Break!

We all dread the big move-in day after our long Winter break. Although this year looks a little different, after about a three month long break we're finally going back to school. The excitement of seeing our friends, but the worries of the virus, still lingering. The long break was nice for sure, but getting back into a routine may be a little difficult. I am going to give you guys a couple of tips on how to get back into the swing of things!

The first tip would be to slowly get up early, I know after the holidays I was sleeping in pretty late and not wanting to get up. If you start to set your alarm five or ten minutes early everyday you will slowly become a morning person. Currently I have been getting up around eight in the morning and want to start waking up around seven. I have found that the earlier I get up, the more productive I will be throughout the day.

Woman laying in bed Photo by Kinga Cichewicz from Unsplash

My next tip would be to PLAN! Planning is very important and if you do this before you get back to school you will be less stressed. I always carry a planner with me, I love writing down everything I'm doing and everything I want to accomplish that day. Another great planner that happens to be online is...Google Calendar! You can connect it to your phone and get notifications when you have something to do, you have an appointment coming up and even Zoom calls! I have already set up my Google Calendar for this upcoming semester, knowing what you have due and what you have to prepare for is very important. Once your classes give you your syllabus, write down when everything is due! This is very important, writing down when everything was due was a key factor for me last semester.

minimalist office space with a full agenda Photo by STIL from Unsplash

My third tip is to go for a walk, stretch, get fresh air. This is important because getting outside and exercising can increase your mood and productivity. This past break I have been going on four mile walks almost every day and I feel so good. It gives me a chance to get outside and take a break from stress and clear my mind. Going for walks at school will allow you to clear your mind and not worry about all the schoolwork you have to do. I also stretch everyday, sometimes twice a day and it is nice knowing that I am treating my body correctly.

a woman kneeling on a yoga mat lograstudio

These tips are easy ways to get you back into the school routine. You don’t need to start big, just do these tips a little bit each day!