Are Eyelash Extensions Worth It?

Since I've had my eyelash extensions for almost a year now, I have been asked many times if they're worth it. Honestly, the only answer to that question is it depends. There are a few factors that go into whether or not they're worth the money, and it varies from person to person. Personally, I love them and don't see myself getting rid of them for years, but I know other people who really regretted getting them. Here are a few qualifiers to see if extensions are right for you!

  1. 1. Your Current Makeup Routine 

    Do you wear a lot of eye makeup on a regular basis? Do you wear strip lashes more than twice a week? If you answered yes to either of these questions, extensions are definitely worth it for you! Eyelash extensions save so much time for those of us who take our sweet time on makeup, namely strip lashes. Extensions don't irritate your eyes like strip lashes, but they give a very similar look. Personally, this was my biggest motivation for extensions.  

  2. 2. How Do You Feel About Your Natural Lashes?

    Do you feel like your natural lashes are lackluster, even with mascara? Extensions will enhance your eyes and draw more attention to them than your natural lashes do. They offer a bit of help to bring out the beauty that is already there. If you aren't the biggest fan of your natural lashes, this is the way to go!

  3. 3. Extensions For The Natural Girl

    Extensions are totally customizable, so even girls who prefer the natural look could love them! Many places offer a "Classic" lash, which is often a lighter look and the least expensive option! Extensions would be perfect for a girl who doesn't enjoy doing makeup, but who wants a little something extra. 

  4. 4. So What's The Cost?

    A full set of extensions can range from $130 for a classic set, and $250 for a volume set. This varies depending on where you go, but these are relatively standard prices. Most people get their extensions filled every two weeks, which could cost $60 for a classic fill and $70 for a volume fill. This is expensive, so I save $30 a week and got rid of my acrylic nails to afford my extensions. It's important to evaluate if this is affordable for you, and if it's not, it would be best to skip out on extensions. 

  5. 5. Where Should You Go?

    Lash Blvd, of course! Right down the road from Siena, Lash Blvd does beautiful work and has the kindest staff ever! I am so satisfied with the service they've provided me, and their convenient location makes it a no brainer. Although there are many options in the Albany area, I feel that Lash Blvd is reasonably priced and does solid, quality work and is my first choice for salon. I definitely reccomend giving them a call with any questions you may have!

My personal experience with eyelash extensions has been very positive. I don't think I'll ever decide to get rid of them, but I understand they're not for everyone. The most important thing is to do lots of research to decide if they're right for you. Don't be afraid to call local businesses and ask any questions you can't find the answer to online, many places will be happy to help! I hope this article has given you at least some insight into your eyelash extension research!