9 Things You Learn When You Stop Shaving

Ah, shaving. The praxctice of shaving hair that is naturally growing on your body and face, because some razor company in the early 1900's decided to tell us it was unhygienic for women to have body hair, and wanted to make a buck.

Sound sketchy and incredibly sexist when you put it that way? Yup. It should make your skin crawl. So when you stop shaving - or shave extremely infrequently - you learn a few things about yourself and society.

1. You learn that hair is a bit itchy when it’s growing in.

But really, what else would you expect? It's hair.

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2. You save a ton of money on disposable razors and help the environment.

All that extra money can go towards a few more Starbucks runs - plus there's less plastic in landfills. How's that not a win?

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3. You become way more confident about your body.

Men are allowed to step outside looking like complete slobs, so why can’t women?


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4. You save, on average, 72 days of your life when you don’t shave.

Say what?

Yup, you read that right. Talk about having some extra time on your hands.

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5. Your skin becomes better, as you’re not constantly chafing it with sharp blades, plucking at it, or however you remove hair.

No more ingrown hairs or constantly dry skin!

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6. You do smell a bit when it’s really hot out, and may have to switch around deodorant until you find one that works.

Tip: try the men’s section or a crystal rock - or just don’t wear deodorant.

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7. Your showers become far less dangerous and more enjoyable.

In other words, you can devote more time to singing out of tune and pretending you're a waterbender.

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8. You realize you get fewer vaginal infections because pubic hair is actually there to prevent bacteria from entering.

Amazing, huh, the things that should be common sense? 

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9. You learn that the people who actually give a damn about what you do with your body are people that you should probably avoid at all costs

How's that not a win?

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9. You can weed out assholes when dating much easier when you look like a Wookie.

So kick your furry legs up and enjoy - you deserve it!

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Eventually, not shaving is second nature. You become used to not reaching for the razor. Of course, if you do like to shave - do it! But I do recommend you analyze and question why you shave, and if the task brings you pleasure or not.