7 Ways to Know You're a Fangirl

Fangirls are everywhere. Sometimes they are super easy to spot, and other times, not so much. Being a fangirl can range from loving all different types of music, TV shows, books, and much more. This article, however, is more focused on the music side of the “fangirling” life. The list is composed of all things I’ve done as a One Direction fangirl. That’s right, I was one of those girls. If you do any of these things with your favorite artist, then you are probably a fangirl.

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1. Get all giddy inside when their song comes on in public

Have you ever gone for a nice shopping spree and then heard your favorite’s song come on in the store? Did you freeze in your tracks and felt like you had to scream or sing along in excitement? Then yes, you are a fangirl. Nothing is better than shopping and hearing your favorite artist’s music. The best part of this is that you can make instant friends with the people in the store that freeze the same as you! You know instantly they are a fellow fangirl.

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2. Your Youtube history is filled with your favorite's interviews

Instead of binging Netflix on a calm night in, fangirls spend hours (let’s be honest, days) watching interviews. Along with interviews, you can find cute or funny moment compilations in their history tab.

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3. Binge listen to your favorite's songs/album

There are certain times where it seems like the only things that can cheer you up are songs from your favorite artist. This binge listen-through can last from an hour to multiple days. If you do this, then you are probably a fangirl.

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4. Stayed up until midnight at least once for a new song/album release

Even if it is a school night with an exam in the morning, fangirls are willing to stay up just to listen to the new music. That last hour seems like the longest hour of your life. You just keep staring at the clock hoping midnight will come sooner. After the first listen through, at least another hour is spent listening to the new music on repeat! Let's be honest, you’ll probably need coffee in the morning.

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5. Wear merchandise

Whether it be loud and proud, or subtle, if you’re wearing merchandise, you are probably a fangirl. It’s the best when you see someone else in public wearing your favorite’s merchandise. You have instantly made a friend with a stranger!

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6. Gone to more than one of their concerts

If you have gone to more than one of their concerts and know all the songs by heart, then you’re probably a fangirl. Extra bonus points for knowing what the set list is before you even go to the concert.

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7. If you thought of a particular artist while reading this

Then yes, you are probably a fangirl.

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