6 Ways To Tell You've Found Your People At College

College is a great time to make plenty of new friendships. Whether they’re your roommates or in your clubs and classes, there’s almost always someone to be spending your time with. But there’s just a select few that can really count as “your people.” Here are some of the signs you found your people while at school.

1.You have a lot in common, but still have different interests


One of the big advantages of college is having the opportunity to get to know people who come from a different background than you do. While it’s important to have things in common, like a similar sense of humor, you guys can always learn from each other. Whether your friends are a different major than you, have a different music taste, or are from somewhere totally different than you are, there’s always something new to learn about them!


2. You can buckle down and do work together


We all know that a huge portion of a student’s time is taken up by studying and doing homework. There are some people, though, who make the not-so-fun stuff more bearable. If your friends help you study, motivate you to keep working, or know exactly when to take a much-needed break, you just might have found your people!


3. Their weekend plans line up with what you like to do


The weekend is a sacred time with only a few precious hours to do what you want to do. Whether you like going out to big parties, or staying in and doing face masks while watching a movie, it’s always better together! Your best friends at school will probably be the ones who are into the same type of Saturday night plans as you.


4. You can have fun on the weekdays, too!


The weekends are a great time for bonding, but they also only make up 2/7 of your time at school. One true test of who your friends really are is if they can make a Wednesday night fun. If you can enjoy a post-homework Netflix session, or play a game of Monopoly at 10 p.m. with them and still be entertained, you should keep them close to you.


5. They’re there for you for the rough times, and celebrate your successes


College can be a difficult time full of transition and challenges for a lot of us. Your people are not only the ones who are there to celebrate your successes, but also the ones who are ready with a snack and a movie on the days when you break down. And, like the Friends theme song says, it’s because you’re there for them too!


6. You thought of them when you clicked on this article


The surest way to know who your people are, of course, is by trusting your gut! You already know deep down who your true friends are at college, so let them know how much you appreciate them today!