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6 Side Characters Who We’re Obsessed With

It’s no secret that people watch Grey’s Anatomy for McDreamy and Meredith, Gilmore Girls for Lorelai and Rory, and Sons of Anarchy for the ever-steamy Jax Teller. But there’s those side characters who have a way of capturing certain scenes and wishing that we could see more of them in action.

1. Dorota from Gossip Girl

Our obsession with Dorota began when we would see her dry but humorous remarks arise. Dorota has gone above and beyond working as the Waldorfs’ help, and has always stayed loyal to them. Her constant love for Blair is unconditional, even when Blair is a real pain. Some of Dorota’s finest moments have been when she goes undercover and gets recon for Blair, and when she *SPOILER ALERT* asks Blair to be her maid of honor. We will forever love Dorota.

2. Sookie from Gilmore Girls

Before Melissa McCarthy acted in Bridesmaids, she kicked some major comedy-butt in Gilmore Girls as Lorelai’s best friend and business partner. Sookie’s high-energy demeanor and quick wit earn her a spot as one of the greatest side characters in any series.

3. Dr. Huang from Law and Order: Special Victims Unit

Realtalk — Dr. Huang’s ability to “read” perps and suspects totally made us want to become a forensic psychologist. His calm demeanor during scenes of chaos always demands people’s attentions and intrigues all audiences.

4. Chucky from Sons of Anarchy

So Chucky isn’t the most normal guy out there, but as the episodes go on, he provides several scenes of comedic relief in the often very serious and intense show. Plus, he has helped the MC in many ways, but never demands recognition for his help.

5. Babette and Miss Patty from Gilmore Girls

These two go together better than PB&J! Scenes with them individually are hysterical, but when Amy Sherman-Palladino would put these two stars together, laughs could not be contained. Their quick wit and nosey (in a totally caring and sweet type of way) tendencies makes us wish that we could have neighbors like them.

6. Bokhee from Grey’s Anatomy

Bokhee is one of the most unappreciated side characters in all of television. She can be seen shining like the true star she is during many of the surgeries throughout Grey’s Anatomy. Besides being a kick-butt nurse, she’s also one of the few characters that has managed to not die throughout the duration of the show (which is a real rarity and accomplishment in Shondaland).

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