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6 Hozier Songs You Need to Listen to Right Now

Last night I had the absolute honor of seeing Hozier perform a sold-out show at the beautiful Palace Theatre in Albany, NY. The show was beautiful, emotional, and I fully believe the skies of heaven opened up and let Hozier come down to sing from them. You might know some of Hozier’s more popular radio hits like “Take Me to Church” or “Work Song,” but I figured I would please your earbuds with some of his lesser-known but equally as fantastic songs. Let the ultimate romantic chill rainy day playlist commence!

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  • “Almost (Sweet Music)”

You may have seen the absolutely glorious video going around of Hozier and his band performing this song in a NYC subway. Not going to lie, hearing this song so raw in this video was almost better than seeing it live with a full performance. Needless to say it’s been stuck in my head for days and I’ve been dancing to it nonstop.

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  • “From Eden”

This is one of my all-time favorite songs from Hozier. I was sad that he didn’t perform it for this tour, but it is an absolute must-hear for anyone who likes Hozier’s vibe.

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  • “Would That I”

This is one of my favorite songs off of Hozier’s new album. This is the ultimate song to belt on a long car ride, I promise you. If you have friends to do the “ohhhohoh” in the background of the chorus, even better.

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  • “Like Real People Do”

This is also one of my top songs from Hozier’s first album. This song lowkey just makes me want to be in love, preferably with Hozier himself… it’s whatever though.

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  • “Shrike”

This song is off of the new album, Wasteland, Baby! and Hozier explained at the concert that it’s about a bird of prey called a shrike that hangs its food like a butcher on tree branches in order to eat it. He described it as “gruesome yet kind of beautiful, just like love.” Relatable, Hozier.

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  • “Angel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene”

This song is just too good, I had to finish off this mini-playlist with it. It’s kind of edgy in an oddly romantic and catchy way.

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