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5 Reasons Why You Should Read The Promethean

Hey, you! Yes, you with the phone! Are you in SSU? Saga? An academic building? Keep walking…look up for a second…see that stack of papers next to the door? Well, that’s the school newspaper, The Promethean, and recent changes to its design and content have made each issue impossible to miss.

Still not convinced you should pick up a copy? Well, there are plenty of reasons why!


1. The paper is becoming more Siena-oriented

The Promethean staff wants the Siena community to relate to its articles. Instead of reporting on a mix of world and school news, Promethean reporters will now write with Siena students strongly in mind. Interactive features such as an advice column are in the works and student leaders will now be highlighted for their accomplishments.


2. The paper aims to be very fun and readable

Some articles will now be in a “fun, BuzzFeed-like manner”, according to co-editor-in-chief Dylan Porcello. The staff understands that we millennials have a diminishing attention span, and, for certain pieces, wants to ensure that readers will receive the news in a quick, easy, and enjoyable way!


3. The paper includes coupons for local businesses

Have you always wanted to try one of the restaurants in town but were scared away by menu prices? Students at The Promethean are working towards partnerships with local businesses that would lead to coupon placement in the paper. Who doesn’t love a good discount? In the past, Casey’s has also partnered with the newspaper, promoting free cookies if a student made a purchase with a paper in tow.


4.  The paper has a presence on social media

Feeling environmentally friendly? Each issue of the paper is available on sienanews.me for your convenience. You can also learn about special deals, such as the one at Casey’s, by following the paper’s Twitter account, @SienaPromethean. A new addition to the paper’s social media presence is its Instagram account, @sienanewspaper.


5. The paper is free

Seriously, who doesn’t love free stuff?  


Kristen Perrone is a Siena College Class of 2018 alumna. She studied English during her time at Siena.
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