5 Hairstyles for Class

We have all experienced that feeling of wanting to switch up our basic hairstyle and try something new for class. Unfortunately, it isn't always that easy with the limited time we have. Don't worry, I've got your back! Here are five new hairstyles that you can wear for class:

1. The Double Twist

This hairstyle only takes one minute and can be done on any hair type! All you need to do is twist a piece from each side of your head and pin it back!

2.  Accessorize a half-up style with a scrunchie

Scrunchies are making a comeback and they are not going away! This is another hairstyle that only takes a minute but still makes you look put together.

3. The low bun

I love this hairstyle because it makes you look like you're trying super hard when you're totally not! When a low bun is done right, it can give a super elegant look to an outfit.

4. Half-up style with braids 

If you have some extra time in the morning, try this hairstyle, you will definitely love it! All it takes is parting your hair in the middle, doing two small French braids, and tying them together.

5. The Warrior Braids

This hairstyle is called the "warrior braids" because when you wear it, you look like a total badass! This hairstyle is super similar to the previous one, except it's based off of your own hair part and you leave the two braids separated!