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5 Cute & Cozy Dorm Ideas

If you’re going to live in a dorm for four months you’re going to want it to be cute and cozy. You thrive in your dorm room, so you need it to be comfortable. It’s where you watch Netflix and have movie marathons, take midday naps or snuggle up for a deep sleep, do your homework and study with friends, throw parties or relax and destress. You’re going to need a place to stay that speaks to your personality. Here are some cheap and quick ideas to create a cute and cozy dorm room.

1. Picture Wall

Pictures are memories, memories are happiness. Picture walls are so easy to create; go to a dollar store and buy tacks, yarn, and clothes pins or only buy scotch tape, then print some pictures by ordering them online or printing them from your computer onto normal computer paper. Simply choose a wall or an area (like your window frame or closet door). You can create a web of yarn that zigzags from one tack to another with a clothespin holding on to a picture, or put scotch tape on the back of a picture and slap it on somewhere. By only using tape you can outline something or create a shape like a heart. This is a good way to make your dorm homey and personal, remembering the good times by covering up wasted space.

2. Fuzzy Rug

Fuzzy rugs are an excellent way to cover an ugly and cold floor. They’ll keep your bare feet warm and are great to sit on if your friends are over to hang out. They cover that stained, cracked, hard, bland floor in your dorm and make your room more stylish, colorful, and most importantly, comfortable. Fuzzy rugs can be ordered online or bought in almost any store, like Amazon and Walmart, respectively. Rugs are an excellent room accessory that speak to who you are and make your dorm room much cuter.


3. Air Plants

If you’re a nature fiend or just love plants, air plants are perfect for you. They require very little attention, only needing a few drops of water a couple of times a week. They’re great space fillers and bring naturalism to your room, setting a peaceful and earthy aura. They work well on any shelf or window pane, and even fit on top of a dresser or desk. Air plants can be found at any nursery. You can do your research to find where you could buy them in your area. They can come very cheap and don’t require much effort at all. Air plants are an amazing way to keep your dorm room fresh and green friendly, as well as happy and fun.

4. Tapestry

Who doesn’t love a beautiful tapestry that compliments your room’s color scheme or your inner peace? Tapestries are a magnificent way to create an accent wall or serve as an adorable backdrop. They spruce things up with vivid colors and/or relaxing images, whether they be mandalas, trees, elephants, or more. Tapestries can serve as a door to an open closet, work well behind the head of your bed, or cover up an empty white wall. They come in all shapes and sizes, serving as decorative items or something you can drape across your bed set. Find a tapestry that suits you as a person, whether that means one that’s black and white, neutral, two solid colors, or bright and vivid rainbow colors. Find one that’s a blossoming flower, a collage of patterns, or an array of animals. Spunk up your room with a hippie twist and get you and your friends settled in quick. 

5. Body Mirror

So simple and necessary yet so impactful and important, body mirrors are an essential part to cute and cozy dorm rooms. Sure, they serve as a way to examine your outfits and do your makeup and hair, but they also serve as an illusion by making your dorm room look bigger. The reflection makes it seem like your room expands, making it feel roomy and spacey. You get this effect best if you put it in an area that oversees the whole room, the best place being the back of your door. Hanging it on the back of your door will cover up that awkward empty area, serve as a close look at your outfit on your way out, and provide an optical illusion that makes your room seem bigger.

There are so many different things you can do to make your dorm room a “home away from home”. You don’t need to spend a lot of money and it doesn’t need to take a lot of time. Just remember that when decorating your room, you adhere to campus rules. No need to worry though… there are plenty of things you can do to make your dorm room cute and cozy while not breaking the rules! A comfortable dorm room is one of the key elements to a comfortable college life, so take the matter into your hands, get personal with it, and go crazy. Happy decorating!

An English major with minors in Writing and Communications and Educational Studies, I am currently enrolled at Siena College in upstate New York. I have accomplished many things so far in my college career, including but not limited to; getting published in Gleanings in the fall of 2016, presenting at the spring 2016 Engage for Change Conference, presenting my FYSM research in the spring of 2016, being on Presiden'ts List cumulatively, recieving a large scholarship from Siena, and participating in a service imersion trip in Nicargua in January 2018. In the past I have tutored at Albany Leadership High School as well as in Siena's HEOP office and worked as a waitress at Pine Lake Manor. I have also worked at Stewart's Shop, was a TA for Educational Psychology, and was a SAINT Orientation Leader. I am currently a tutor and student leader at the Writing Center, an editor for a private author, and a member of the 2017 Albany Tulip Court. In the future, I plan to gain multiple internships, travel more, get my PhD, and become a traveling journalist. Aside from the workplace and academics, I currently write for Her Campus and play soccer, basketball, and softball. My hobbies include everything and anything that has to do with music (I sing and play the saxophone), reading, being outdoors (hiking, fishing, kayaking, camping, etc.), spending time with my dog Crimson and my siblings, and watching movies (Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter <3). I am very friendly and outgoing so if you see me on campus stop by and say hi! :)
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