3 Reasons Why Iced Chai is the Drink of the Season

A lot of thrilling changes happened during my 2019 summer. I started my own business, got a job at the Apple store and had my very first iced chai! I know, it all sounds super exciting, and that’s because it really was, but the best take away from it all was my new found obsession with drinking an iced chai. Here are three reasons why it is still the drink of the season! 

  1. 1. It's the Perfect Blend Between a Summer Drink and a Fall Refreshment!

    In the summer, I want a drink that will keep me cool, calm, and collected. When the days are hot and long I’m quick to place my order for an iced chai so I can get my work done without being overheated while also feeling overworked. Since school kicks back up again in the fall, I needed a drink with a little kick and thanks to the added spice I am ready to ace my midterms with time left over to watch a F.R.I.E.N.D.S episode or two! 

  2. 2. The Flavor is Refreshing!

    I can’t tell you if it’s the mix of the chai with the milk or the occasional added dash of cinnamon that makes this drink makes me feel as though I’m taking in a breath of fresh air! I know, that sounds like a major cliché, but it’s my daily dosage of iced chai that helps me stay awake during my weekly six to nine or whenever I’m on duty

  3. 3. It's an Ideal Replacement for that Coffee Addiction We Both Know isn't Good for You...

    I am a true coffee addict in every sense of the word! That being said, I knew that it was about time I stop giving into my daily coffee cravings and find a much more healthier alternative. Now that I've swapped out my daily cup of coffee for a cup of iced chai, I'm no longer spending my time fiddling with my Kuerig Mini in an attempt to make coffee or substituting my coffee for breakfast as I would before. Thanks to the added health benefits of chai, I also haven't been hit with a cold yet! Iced chai is downright magical or I'm just that lucky! Either way I know that I've made the smarter and more healthier choice at the end of the day. 

From Summer into Fall (and maybe even into Winter too), I will continue to drink my iced chai as I enjoy the added benefits of no longer suffering from morning coffee breathe and staying healthy! I hope you enjoyed reading this article and that you'll go out and get yourself a glass of iced chai! I promise you both your taste buds and immune system will thank you!