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2019 Fashion Trends I’m Here For

For a girl who has slowly (but surely!) been updating and revamping her wardrobe since Freshmen year of college, I’ve been paying more attention to current fashion trends and celebrities styles. I’ve always been a little interested in fashion, but it wasn’t until I saw one of Her Campus Siena’s current CC’s Emma Burkard truly my style dreams every day that I thought about actually incorporating more stylish pieces into my wardrobe and actually attempting to dress better in my everyday life. Now, I’m a girl known for her love of comfort – a.k.a. sweatpants, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and looking like a mess most of the time – but that doesn’t mean I don’t find every moment to wear a killer outfit and heels. Let’s just say my inner self is an Extra Bitch.

Here are some trends I’m currently living for in 2019!


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This trend was seen in 2018 and has thankfully carried over to 2019. As a lover of all gray outfits (I know, what a fashion nightmare!), monochromatic taps into the deepest part of my heart. It’s a bold, eye catching choice to pair the same color from the top to the bottom of your outfit, but it works beautifully.

I personally love the monochromatic suits you see everyone wearing. It just screams BOSS and GIRL POWER. It’s definitely a statement, but one I can’t get enough of.

Checkered Blazers:

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I just LOVE checkered blazers, especially in gray. It takes a causal jeans and t-shirt outfit to a whole new level. It feels put together, yet still causal. And the best part of it all: it’s a blazer, so it pulls double duty as both a causal and professional piece of your wardrobe. You’re killing two birds with one stone!

The only problem? Nice ones are crazy expensive! *cries for days and hopes to find one in a thrift store in the pattern I want*

A Pop of Neon:

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Neon is one of those things you have to be careful about. A little too much neon can be a total fashion disaster or a total look. Unfortunately, it’s usually the former.

Adding a pop of neon can really elevate a look. Just add a bag, jewelry, a sweater, pants, anything to a totally otherwise normal outfit a little bit more interesting.


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What girl doesn’t love a little sparkle to brighten up her day? It’s a bit of an unexpected piece to have in your wardrobe for everyday wear, but isn’t the fun part!?


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Lately, I’ve been all about belts, especially Gucci belts. The Double G belt has been everywhere, and celebrities have seem to make it their go-to belt. It’s something that’s so simple and understated that you can wear with a pair of pants or tighten it around your waist over a coat, dress, or blazer. And if you’re anything like me and can’t afford an authentic Gucci version that costs a whopping $450 belt, there’s alternatives, such as a $20.99 Amazon replica. But definitely read the comments before purchasing one, Amazon users have a lot to say on quality and there are lot of options besides this one to pick from.

Another belt I’m dying for is the Double Buckle belt.

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I actually just bought a cheap one from Fashion Nova for only $7.99! Let’s hope the quality is good because I’m in love with this belt, and I have been looking up ways to style it for weeks!

It’s such a fun belt that spices up an outfit in a unique way. It differs from the traditional one buckle belt in a few ways: 1) there’s two buckles, and 2) the buckles don’t sit in the middle of your hips/waist.


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Like I said before, I’m known for my love of comfort, so pajamas that you can ACCEPTABLY wear OUTSIDE your house is definitely something I can easily jump on board for. I don’t know if I would actually wear this myself, but I have to say I admire those who are brave enough to wear it.


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Blake Lively is the Queen of Menswear. And honestly, what girl doesn’t like the choice of mixing business and comfort together? Menswear allows women to wear a suit, and it’s always fun to add a cool pattern.

Overall, 2019 is looking to be a fun year for fashion. As I continue to update my wardrobe, I’ll definitely try to incorporate some of these styles in.

Alyssa Guzman is a Senior at Siena College, and is the Editor-in-Chief for Her Campus Siena. She is currently Double Majoring in English and Communications Journalism with a minor in Writing and Communications. She hopes to one day be a New York Times Bestselling Author in Fiction, but plans on starting in the journalism world with dreams of writing for Cosmopolitan or the New York Times. In her free time, she enjoys fashion, writing, and listening to the newest Taylor Swift release. 
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