10 Times Luke and Lorelai Had Us Swooning

So it's no secret that Luke and Lorelai from Gilmore Girls have an incredible story. Amy Sherman-Palladino brilliantly wrote their dynamic friendship to relationship, and highlighted below are some of the best moments between the two. (Note: The scenes are referenced as "Season x Episode x Minutes:Seconds" in Netflix.)

1. Lorelai's Dream 3x17x38:10

When Lorelai is forced out of her house because of the fire at the Inn, and the Hagglestat family takes Lorelai’s bed at home, she finds herself going to Luke for a warm bed. As Luke and Lorelai are saying good night – Luke from the couch and Lorelai from his bed – Lorelai brings up the dream she had earlier in the episode about Luke and Lorelai’s married life together. Basically, the dream consists of Lorelai being pregnant with Luke’s twins, and Luke being totally adorable talking to her belly. The whole time, Luke is smiling thinking of the possibilities of him and Lorelai. AWwwWw


2. Rory's Graduation and Luke's Dream 3x22x31:15

It’s Rory’s graduation from Chilton, and who else is there to watch Rory complete a major part of her life but Luke? While Rory gives thanks to Lorelai in her speech, the whole Gilmore clan, Sookie, Jackson, and everyone with a pulse is not just crying, but practically “blubbering”. Then the camera shows Luke crying too. Also, Luke, who at the time is engaged to Nicole, has a dream that Lorelai comes up to him in the diner and says point-blankly, “Don’t get engaged.” He wakes up from the dream and we all can’t help but think that his face is plastered with disappointment that his dream wasn’t a reality.


3. Luke As A Shoulder To Lean On 4x14x41:21

Lorelai has a total breakdown from her troubles with getting the Dragonfly Inn established. She breaks down in front of Luke and he listens to her and consoles her like the A1 bae he is. This isn’t the first, or last time, that Luke drops everything to listen to Lorelai and be a shoulder for her to lean on.


4. Luke and Lorelai's Dance 4x21x33:56

Despite the fact that macho-man Luke doesn’t dance, he asks Lorelai to dance at his sister’s Renaissance-themed wedding. Watching him and Lorelai dance and seeing them smiling so innocently is one of their best moments of the show. There is nothing complicated about this one minute of bliss. Their smiles say it all.


5. Luke Openly Confesses His Feelings 4x22x36:03

Luke *finally* confesses his feelings to Lorelai after talking with Jason, Lorelai’s ex-beau. In typical Luke fashion, he frustratingly says, “Will you just stand still?” And BOOM! Luke and Lorelai kiss, causing everyone watching to squeal at an extremely high decibel level. And in typical Gilmore Girls fashion, the kiss is interrupted by Kirk running down the stairs of the Dragonfly Inn naked and screaming.


6. Luke and Lorelai's First Date 5x03x20:23

Luke takes Lorelai to his beloved Sniffy’s Tavern for their first official date, and she asks him if he remembered how they met. Not only did he remember how they met in incredible detail, but he also pulled out of his wallet the horoscope that she wrote for him 8 years prior. He had held onto it because he felt that it would mean something one day. AND BOY, does it. He then tells Lorelai that he’s “all in” in their relationship.


7. The Make-up 5x16x41:34

After Richard and Emily sabotage Luke and Lorelai’s relationship by bringing Christopher back, Luke breaks up with Lorelai. However, in this scene, Emily swallows her pride and tells Luke “to get back with [Lorelai]”. Luke goes to Lorelai’s house, and without any words, kisses her. This is what dreams are made of, people. This is it.


8. Lorelai's Character Reference for Luke 7x12x33:09

While Lorelai and Christopher are together, Luke asks Lorelai for a character reference for his custody battle for April. The whole episode, Lorelai has a hard time thinking of what to write about Luke. The judge reads the letter during the case, and boy, this letter can melt even the most frozen of hearts. Lorelai states how Luke has so much to offer anyone who he knows, and how he will always be a part of her life.


9. Lorelai's Tequila Filled Karaoke Night 7x20x34:42

Nothing says “liquid courage” like tequila shots! After a few drinks, and then a few more shots, Lorelai decides to get up and sing at karaoke night. She starts confidently singing “I Will Always Love You” and then, Luke walks in. The song soon turns into an ode to Luke, and everyone in the bar, as well as behind the television/computer screens, feels some major feels.


10. The Final Kiss of the Series 7x22x37:45

Against all odds, Luke throws Rory a surprise going-away party. Luke and Lorelai still haven’t reconciled after everything that has gone on, but you best bet that the writers of Gilmore Girls wouldn’t leave us without some closure in the Luke and Lorelai department. They kiss, and then the series ends with Lorelai and Rory eating in no other place than Luke’s Diner.


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