10 Times Kirk Was All of Us

Out of all the Gilmore Girls cast, Kirk is notorious for being the town weirdo and the character that makes us laugh. But have you ever realized that he’s actually very relatable?

1. First date jitters

We all know how freaked out we get when preparing for a first date. How Kirk acts about his first date with Lulu is mostly accurate to how we all act…maybe less publicly freaked out, but still.

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2. His competitive nature

We totally relate to the way Kirk makes sure he keeps his reigning titles and how he brags about them to everyone. Exhibit A: the Stars Hollow 24-hour dance.

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3. Worrying too much

 If there is any one person that worries too much, it is Kirk.

4. Getting really into our hobbies/interests

Every time he has an idea, new job, or takes care of tasks for Taylor, Kirk puts his whole self into them.

5. Love for the arts

Kirk is involved in dancing and school plays, and keeps busy playing Jesus and filling in for Lulu as the “town whore” so that the show still went on for the town and tourists.

6. Trying your best and still thinking you failed

For us, it would probably be thinking we failed an exam, even though we didn't. An iconic moment of his from the revival is when Kirk thought he ruined the wedding with his decorations.

7. DOGS!

Dog walking and playing with dogs…I mean who wouldn’t want to play with puppies all day!

8. The strong need for attention/someone to care for him

 Kirk shows this need most toward his mother, Lorelai, Luke and Lulu.

9. Standing up for what he believes in

He always stands firm on his opinions and beliefs, and will let you know why and state it firmly.

10. Multitasking


Let’s be real we all love Kirk Gleason, because he is secretly all of us.