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10 Things That You Hear When You’re A Twin

Here’s a typical conversation when someone realizes that I am a twin.

1. “OHMYGOD are you guys twins?!?!”

Oh boy here it goes

2. “Who’s older? WAIT. Let me guess!”

Your enthusiasm is appreciated.

3. “Are you guys identical?”

My sister and I are, in fact, 100% fraternal, yet whenever we say this, we are guaranteed to be asked the following question…

4. “Are you sure? Did you take the test?”

Apparently, there’s this test that neither I, nor my doctor, knows about.

5. “Wait is her hair curly too?”

6. “Can you read each other’s minds?”

No. That’s just…No.

7. “Do people confuse you guys a lot?”

Surprisingly, yes.

8. “Do you like the same things as each other?”

9. “Are you guys close?”

10. “Wow, I wish I were a twin.”

Yes, yes you do. Because no matter what happens, you know you have someone there for you.



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