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10 Things to do Around Siena and the Capital Region in the Wintertime

When the snow falls and the air gets cooler, some people are happy to go out and enjoy the fun winter activities, and others will fall into a hibernation. There are still fun activities to do in the capital region/Siena area with friends when the snow activities and Netflix just aren’t enough.

1. First things first, the mallsThere’s Crossgates and Colonie Center, both filled with tons of stores for shopping, so get your pals and shop all the sales because, let’s face it, we’re all broke college kids with rich taste.

2. Guptill’s ArenaBring out your inner child by getting your squad together for a night of skating in the world’s largest indoor skate rink!

3. FlightGet off the couch or your bed and jump around on a floor of trampolines with your friends. Not only is it fun, but it’s exercise. It’s like two in one; have fun with your bffs and work towards that summer body you want!

4. Dave and BustersIf you love food and are not lucky enough to win at gambling, then Dave and Busters is for you. Food. Arcade games. Fun. (Inside Crossgates mall.)

5. IMAXCatch the best action movies in 3D. You can find the Imax Movie Theater at Regal Crossgates Mall 18! 

6. BowlingGet your friends together and see which of you can bowl the best… or stay away from the gutters the longest.

7. NYS MuseumI know what you’re thinking: this seems totally boring. But, it can be very interesting; there is a subway and a carousal.

8. Times Union CenterThe TU is the home to many concerts, Albany Devils hockey games, and of course the Siena Saints men’s basketball games… so obviously you should go and support our team!

9. Ice Skating at the CapitalGo get some outdoor fun… or watch your friends fall on their butts a lot. I mean, whatever your idea of fun is, really.

10. Palace TheatreWatch various entertainment groups perform on the stage at the palace.

Katey is on her fourth year at Siena College as a psychology major. Her plans are to go grad school and get her masters in School Psychology. Katey enjoys spending time with friends, family and her pets. She is always ready for an adventure. Favorite things are summer, fall, Disney, country, horses, dogs, cats, frogs and food. 
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