The Obsessive Pinner's Diary: Mini Deep Dish Pizzas

So you know those weeks when everything just sucks? When all your professors seem to get together and plan a week of hell? When you deal with your stress by pretending you don’t actually have a mountain of homework and projects so you get on Pinterest and Facebook? Yeah, I had one of those weeks.
Pinterest is truly the devil when I have lots of work to do. My fingers just instinctively type Pinterest into the address bar when I really mean to be looking for resources for my gargantuan research paper. Anyways, somewhere around 2 a.m. in the middle of everything, I somehow found myself on the Pinterest homepage. The e-cards had me giggling, I found yet another dream wedding dress (or ten), 60 DIY projects I have no money to complete, and at least 37 recipes I won’t ever get around to trying. But, one pin caught my eye because it happened to be the best-looking study break snack ever. I wanted it bad. It wasn’t linked to a blog and didn’t have any real instructions, but the picture inspired me and gave my tummy the rumblies that only this pizza could satisfy. The caption said something about “quick and easy mini deep dish pizzas” and I was in love. After serious consideration, I decided I wasn’t wise to run to Walmart at 3 a.m. But, after work the next day, I satisfied my craving.

You need:
1 can of Pillsbury pizza dough (next to biscuits and stuff)
1 bag of 4 cheese pizza blend shredded cheese (how convenient!)
1 jar of pizza sauce (next to the spaghetti sauce)
1 bag of pepperoni minis (how stinking cute)
1 muffin pan
Any other desired pizza toppings
Optional butter and garlic salt

This is how I did it:
I preheated the oven a little higher than what was on the roll of dough. I buttered and sprinkled the pan with garlic salt for a bit of added flavor, but cooking spray would work, too. I assembled the pizzas in a logical order, using all of the dough, but having plenty of the other ingredients to make this recipe several times. Then I baked until awesome (about 20 minutes I think).

I think these are pretty darn yummy, very easy, not too expensive and still yummy the next day. I would make these again for a study session (alone or with friends), for dinner, for a boy, or whenever.