Justin Haynes '13

Major: Human Resources Management

Hometown: Vidor, Texas

Campus Involvement: Delta Tau Delta Fraternity, Student Alumni Association, numerous university committees

Interests: Music of all kinds, documentaries, ancient history, politics, travelling all over the states, and the occasional game of disc golf

Favorite Movie: Almost Famous is by far my favorite movie! It has an amazing cast and awesome soundtrack. If I ever need life quotes or inspiration I watch this movie!

3 things I couldn't live without: my iPhone because it doubles as my iPod, a warm place to sleep, and good food

Song that's constantly on repeat on my iPod: Mac Miller's "Best Day Ever" has been what I play the most lately.

Future career goals: I want to work for the medical industry or open up a consulting firm in Austin, Texas.

What I look for in a girl: she has to have a sense of humor and be strong-willed and caring. I like to know that at the end of the day she will be beside me no matter what.

Why I chose Sam: It had a good music program which is why I first came here, and my best friend also attended the school.