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Anthony Yanez ’12

Major: Mass Communications
Q: What is your favorite hobby?
A:My favorite hobbies are just hanging out with friends, joking and having fun, eating, and talking about shoes, sports, music, and clothes.
Q: What do you look for in a potential girlfriend?
A: What I look for in a girlfriend is that she's up for a good time, funny, pretty, goal-oriented, and easy to get along with.

Q: What's the weirdest present you have ever gotten for Christmas?
A: The weirdest present I've gotten for Christmas would be just stuff that is completely different from what I like, especially from my grandpa. I usually just ask for money, if anything, but he always gets me weird clothes and cheap cologne, haha.
Q: What’s your favorite food?
Q: Which celebrity do you wish you could kiss?
A: The one celeb I wish I could kiss would be Amber Rose.
Q: Since Huntsville is pretty boring, what's your favorite thing to do here?
A: My favorite thing to do in Huntsville is just hang out with friends and see what we get into.
Q: What kind of movies do you like?
A: A lot of comedies! Some action, no horror/scary movies. Animated movies are pretty cool, too.
Q: What would you consider the perfect date?
A: The perfect date would be that I look good and my date looks good. We’d go and eat a great meal, we’d do something fun, and we’d talk and just have a good time!

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