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3 Ways to be Productive During Spring Break

Whether it’s trying to balance a job and school work, keep up your GPA, or make it to all of your sorority events, we’re all busy as college girls. And, let’s face it; we’ve earned ourselves a break! However, with graduation and the end of the semester being right around the corner, we need to remember to mix some productiveness in with our already-planned days of fun and relaxation. Here are five ways to make your Spring Break productive; by following some of these tips, you’re bound to be all caught up and stress-free once classes start again. So, take a day out of your break to do at least one of the following, and then spend the rest of your week doing what the break is intended for: HAVING FUN!

  1.  WRITE OR POLISH UP YOUR RESUME– It’s always important to have a résumé and keep it updated. Whether you’re applying for a job, internship, grad school, or a scholarship, you’re most likely required to have one. Spend some time during Spring Break making one if you haven’t already because you never know when you’ll need it. Luckily, the Career Services Department on campus makes this easy enough for you; if you visit their page on the SHSU website, you’ll find specific résumé templates for your major or anticipated career. So, open one of these templates, fill it in with your own information and voila!: Your résumé is completed.
  2. RECONNECT WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY – Catching up with your family and your old friends is one of the most important things you can do during your break. I have four best friends that I’ve known since preschool and we were inseparable until we went off to college. Now that one of us is at Sam, one is at Lamar, and two are at Baylor, all school breaks are very important to us! We always spend them together in order to catch up. Reconnecting with friends and family that you haven’t seen in a while is important for your relationships, and also gives you a little refresher to relieve you from the stress you have at school.
  3. SEARCH & APPLY FOR A SUMMER JOB – As you know, the job market is extremely competitive these days. By beginning to look and apply for summer jobs or internships a couple months early, you’ll beat the rush when the semester ends. So, have your application and résumé filled out and turned in before your job competitors do.
Lauren Hall is a senior English major at Sam Houston State University, minoring in Secondary Education. She considers herself a typical Southern girl, having grown up in the small town of Teague, Texas (pop. 4,500). When she's not busy with school work, Lauren is probably spending time with her large family, her twin sister, and her five best friends, who she has been friends with since preschool. She loves to read, cook, travel, and spend time at her family's lakehouse and at church. After graduation, Lauren plans on getting a job teaching high school English and journalism. She plans to start on her Master's degree as soon as possible, and hopes to eventually teach at the college level.
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