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O me! O life! – In the style of Walt Whitman


O me! O life! –In the style of Walt Whitman


O me! O life! For what have I done to deserve such endless agony?

   Who are you to tell me what I am capable of?

   Who are you to tell me when I’m allowed to live and when I must die?

The life we share with every being – it’s all just the same.

            Equal struggle for unequal pleasure.


O me! O life! What is it you are trying to accomplish?

   Is the goal to one day extinct all human life?

   Is the goal to send endless suffering mixed with eternal joy?

Not fair is the life provided for us all – no justice.

            Inequality is salary for woman and man.

I am a sophomore in college and am majoring in Comm/Journ. I love writing, making art, playing the piano, and listening to music! I want to some day write for a magazine or newspaper. My ultimate goal is to work for "Rolling Stones" magazine!
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