My Second Experience at a Billy Joel Concert

In early January, Billy Joel announced that he will be making his fourth debut at the Philadelphia Phillies home ballpark, Citizens Bank Park. This is Joel’s fourth time back, after announcing in 2015 that he would continue to have shows at Madison Square Garden as long as his shows sell out. By having his residency at Madison Square Garden, he has surpassed Elton John for most performances (65) in New Yorks arena and had a banner hung in his honor. Now Billy Joel will be the first artist to have the most shows played at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and will have a banner hanging ceremony after his concert set for September 9, 2017

Billy Joel continues to shape the music industry and keep other artists on their toes as he sets new expectations within the music business. I have had the experience of attending two of the concerts that he performed in Philadelphia and they were by far the most entertaining shows I have attended. The interaction between Joel and the audience is one that cannot be explained. It was a privilege to see such an inspiring artist who is so humble and down to earth but also has fun and loves his job.

I am looking forward to attending his fourth show in Philadelphia again this year and am even more excited to see the banner being hung in his honor at Citizens Bank Park. Billy Joel has reached so many generations with his music that is widely relatable and it is no wonder that he continues to put on so many amazing shows and sells out every time.