Meet Our Contributors: Andrea Stock

Name: Andrea Stock

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Phoenixville (about 10-15 minutes from Valley Forge/King of Prussia)

You're involved with a lot of campus clubs, specifically The Reflector, the poetry club. What is your favorite thing about The Reflector?

I love the people involved with the reflector. We are all so fantastically weird. I also love putting everything together. Holding your final product in your hands is so satisfying.

What is your favorite thing about Her Campus Ship?

I love the leniency of HerCampus. There is so much freedom in terms of what to write, giving us the opportunity to put anything and everything out there.

What made you want to be a Comm/Journ major?

I became a comm/journ major because I love writing. I was also part of Gazebo (my high schools version of the Reflector) and it was a lot of fun doing the layout and design part of it. So, because of Gazebo, I new I wanted to work in the magazine/newspaper industry.