How to Start Your Own Photography Business

So you want to start your own, professional photography business?


You’ll need to know a few things before you do.


1. Start up equipment should not cost you thousands of dollars.


To start your business, you need a camera. Duh? But there are millions of questions concerning what kind, what brand, how many lenses, etc. Personally, I prefer Canon to any other brand. From Canon you can buy a refurbished base for nearly half the price as a brand new camera with the exact same quality! Also from, you can purchase lenses and accessories! There’s no need to buy a $1,300 base camera! You can start off with a smaller, cheaper model!

2. You should not expect to be paid right away.


You can’t start as an amateur and expect to be paid as a professional. It will take time to build your skills and your name!


3. You’ll need to build your portfolio.


Take your friends on adventures! Take pictures of them! Ask your parents if they have any friends who are looking to get their children’s pictures taken! Offer free photo sessions for the first few months so that you have a portfolio to show!


4. You need a website.


Another obvious point. You’re going to need a website! I like to use On WIX, you can create a platform designed specifically for photography. It is very helpful with scheduling and has an option to include a “booking” tab that links to your PayPal! Also, under “client areas” you are able to upload and manage all of your albums directly through WIX.


5. Buy tons of props.


Michael’s craft store, Hobby Lobby, and clearance sections everywhere will soon become your best friend! You’re going to need a ton of props and backdrops. Check Amazon for texture rugs and crocheted outfits. Check your local Goodwill stores for old chairs, wagons, and photo frames! The more rustic that props look, the better! Michael’s is perfect for finding beads and feather boa’s! Shop around, you’ll quickly find the best props!