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The History of Halloween




Halloween is one of the biggest traditions in world culture, but have you ever wondered where it came from? From movies such as Nightmare Before Christmas and horror flicks like the Halloween saga, it has been easy for our generation to get lost in the true purpose for Halloween, and what it really stands for.


According to the History Channel’s website, Halloween started as a time to celebrate the changing of seasons, from the hot long summers, to the dark cold winters. This was also a time to celebrate those who had passed, and a “blurred line” of the dead and the living. The Celt’s celebrated this tradition many years before it turned into a day full of candy and costumes. This also was not a scary time for the Celt’s. They were happy to celebrate this cross between themselves and those who were dead, and even left offerings of peace and tranquility, such as food or other sacred items.


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