The Heart of the Wild

Drinking, drinking is lots of fun

When you get to drink with everyone.

Go to parties, get fucked up,

Drink a lot till you throw up.

Parties are fun at the time,

Till they catch you in the crime.

Poisoning, citations, DUI’s,

Its all fun and games till someone dies.

Next time thing before you drink,

Your life could be over in a * clink *.


Taking pills is lots of fun.

Take them alone or with everyone.

Take a trip or stay up late,

Take so many you can’t see straight.

Keep for yourself or share with friends,

Just make sire that your life ends.

Overdose on all the pills,

Take so many you get the chills.

Your face suddenly turning blue,

Mother doesn’t know what to do.

She grabs the phone to make the call,

Maybe you’ll be okay after all.

The cops show up to check on you,

But it’s too late – your life is through.


Never eating is never fun

Especially when you can’t eat with everyone.

“I’m not hungry,” “I already ate,”

Are some of the lies that fit your plate.

Energy and weight start to fade,

As you refuse the food your mother made.

She lies there worried night by night,

As you slowly slip out of sight.

You grow weary and start to fall,

Your mother leaps to make the call.

They carry you out and take you away,

Whispering to mother, “She’ll be okay.”


Fighting, fighting is no fun

When you’re heard by everyone.

She screams, he shouts,

You just want to get out.

You hold you ears and shut your eyes

To block out the sound of cries.

It gets louder and louder, then just stops,

You fell the beat of your heart drop.

You open your eyes just a bit,

Enough to see that momma’s been hit.

You start to cry and run for her,

Your vision starting to become a blur.

You start to worry, you start to fret,

Your life has just become a threat.