Healthy Snack Ideas for the On-the-go Girl!

Healthy Snack Ideas for the Girl on-the-go!

Since this is my senior year of college, I am busier than ever before. I am constantly running around campus meeting with professors, working on homework, and studying for upcoming exams. It can be quite the challenge just to find the time to sit down and grab a quick bite to eat. Over the past year or so I have been on the hunt for the perfect mid-day pick me up.

Every day before I leave my house, I grab one of these quick and easy snacks, throw it in my bag and head out the door. Not only do these snacks give me energy to get through the day, but they also satisfy my afternoon cravings!


1. Skinny Pop White Cheddar Single Bags

I just discovered these addicting mini snack bags a few months ago and I have been hooked ever since! The bags are the perfect size and only 100 calories, so you don't feel guilty afterwards.


2. Jell-O Sugar-Free Vanilla Pudding Cups

I know what you are probably thinking...Sugar free? Really? But listen up! These pudding cups are the perfect late night snack. You would never know this sweet treat is only 60 calories and sugar free. There is absolutely no unpleasant aftertaste and the texture is creamy as well as decadent!

3. Kashi's Ripe Strawberry Cereal Bar

Kashi makes some amazing and very unique cereal bar flavors. The Ripe Strawberry Soft-Baked cereal bars are no exception! Not only are they sweet and chewy but they also have less sugar, sodium, and saturated fats then some of their competitors.


4. Boom Chicka Pop Bites: Mixed Berry

My true obsession are these sweetly coated popcorn bites! Next time your sweet tooth kicks in, instead of reaching for your favorite chocolate bar try these ancient grain popcorn clusters. These little popcorn clusters are covered in bits of blueberries, raspberries, and cranberries, a perfect fruity combination.


5. Kellogg’s Special K Honey Barbecue Cracker Chips

If there is one thing that I have learned in life, it is that we all have our favorite flavor of potato chips. My favorite flavor is barbeque but grabbing a handful of barbeque chips from the bag is not always the best idea. These Special K Honey Barbecue Cracker Chips are not only satisfying but they are only 4 calories a chip! You can even find them in single-serving bags!