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Go – A Poem

It is a bottle. It is yellow. It is a skyscraper.

It is liquid love. It is a fish in a stream.

It is a bubble on the brink of popping.

It is a straw sucking up every last drop.


It is paper. It is blue. It is acres of land.

It is ink poisoning. It is withering veins.

It is a rip, a tear, a fold, a mistake.

It is an exploding pen messing everything up.


It is a child. It is orange. It is a volcano.

It is fragile. It is power. It is conquering.

It is lightening striking through concrete.

It is fearless. It is motivation. It is woman.

I am a sophomore in college and am majoring in Comm/Journ. I love writing, making art, playing the piano, and listening to music! I want to some day write for a magazine or newspaper. My ultimate goal is to work for "Rolling Stones" magazine!
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