Go Best Friend, That’s My Best Friend

Go Best Friend, That’s My Best Friend

By: Fallon Finnegan

The original day one homie. My ride or die. My soul mate wifey. Meet the woman who wouldn’t understand any of those phrases. The woman I know I can come to about everything. The one who shares my secret love for Pretty Little Liars and doesn’t understand my obsession with “the man bun,” but supports me regardless. Our desperate needs for coffee and serious dislike for morning people are shared and just one of the many things that keeps us close.

She shares my dreams. She talks me up, she encourages me and she tells me when I’m wrong. She is strong, independent and more beautiful than she will ever know. She is an inspiration and is the only reason I’ve made it this far.

She’s there through tough break-ups (boys and friends), killer exam weeks and gets me through my travel anxieties. She answers all of my adulating questions (how long do I cook rice for? Which machine at the laundromat should I use? Help me with my FAFSA?) and tells me she’s proud of me. She has no idea how proud I am of her.

Meet my best friend. Meet my mom.