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Entrepreneur Brandi Fitch Builds Her Career


Name: Brandi Fitch

Class Year: Junior

Major: Communication/Journalism (Public Relations)

Minor: Math


While some students spend their college careers wallowing in front of Netflix or embarking on a marathon of parties, Brandi Fitch spends her time building her life as an entrepreneur.  She started her journey with the company Scentsy, and has build a successful venture for herself.    


How did you get involved with Scentsy?

I had seen a friend of mine post several times about Scentsy on Facebook since she was a consultant and thought about joining for a while.  Last year in July, she happened to message me on Facebook about attending an interest meeting at her house and I decided to go and see what Scentsy was about.  After going to her meeting and understanding more about Scentsy, I knew I wanted to become a consultant.  My friend became my sponsor and was very understanding and helpful with answering any questions I had. 


What kind of training do you need?

There really is no training necessary, anyone can join – men, women and college students.  Every person learns differently as they go, but the product practically sells itself.  Just be yourself, be honest with everyone and have fun!


What kind of products do you sell?

There are so many amazing products that Scentsy offers to its clients. The most well known are the unique wickless warmers that come in many different sizes.  The best part about these products is that they are warmed by a light bulb, which is much safer than lighting a candle.


Do you make a decent paycheck doing this?

Every consultant will say the same thing in that the key to being successful is being consistent.  This is obviously commission based and each consultant starts off earning a certain percentage of the sales they make, getting paid once a month.  As one’s sales increase, the commission will as well.  One can make their way up the whole way to Super-Star Director after recruiting other consultants and reaching a certain number in sales.  If one wants to make a decent paycheck every month, they won’t have a problem if they are scheduling parties or making individual sales. 


Would you recommend other students do this?

Absolutely! I see so many students looking for a job that is flexible with their crazy schedule and will give them some extra money.  This is the perfect job for anyone who wants to be their own boss, work when they want to, and can put in as much effort as they please depending on how far they plan to go with Scentsy.  I had a part-time job when I became a consultant and just wanted to make some extra money on the side.  I actually quit my part-time job to put all of my effort into Scentsy and couldn’t have been happier.  I’m making a great paycheck to pay what I need every month and I couldn’t be happier with my decision.


How should other students get involved with this?

If anyone is interested in joining or learning more about Scentsy and doesn’t know a consultant, they can go to Scentsy’s website and find more information: scentsy.com.  Each consultant also has their own website and one can join Scentsy, purchases products, and learn more informationon about the consultant and Scentsy using this website.  Mine is http://bfitch20.scentsy.us


Do you have any fun stories or experiences selling Scentsy?

My sponsor told me that every consultant hits a point where instead of being involved for money, they are involved to help others.  They have found a true passion for what they do.  I was having trouble finding my moment until I attended the convention “Scentsy’s Spring Sprint” in Bethesda, Maryland with my sponsor.  It was one of the most amazing and eye-opening experiences of my life.  It’s an incredible feeling to be in a room filled with hundreds of other people that are as excited and passionate about something as you are.  I learned so much about myself and how Scentsy can, and has, changed people’s lives in the past 10 years.  I think that the best feeling about Scentsy is seeing someone, whether it be someone you just recruited or a client, get so excited when they get their order or help someone.  I also got the chance to meet the founders of Scentsy, Heidi and Orville Thompson and got my picture taken with them! It was such an honor and amazing experience and I can’t wait to attend the convention next year!

Scentsy is one of the best things that has ever happened to me, and I am so happy and grateful every day that I can say I love my job.  I’m able to work around my own schedule and not feel stressed from juggling another job with my college classes.  It’s seriously a blessing, and I encourage everyone to give Scentsy a chance.  Whether you are looking to have a new hobby, have fun, make some extra money, make new friends or change someone’s life, Scentsy can give anyone these opportunities. 



Anna Seils is currently an English major at Shippensburg University with a minor in Communication/Journalism. She is a campus correspondent for the Shippensburg University chapter of My Campus, head editor of the Ship Life section of The Slate and is an intern for a Gettysburg area magazine. She hopes to pursue a career in publishing.
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