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A Dog’s Purpose Review


            A Dog’s Purpose, directed by Lasse Hallstrom, did not fail to meet my expectations in the least bit. In fact, it exceeded them. Having read the book adaptation, the movie did it justice.

            First and foremost I want to say one thing: do not believe the TMZ video that you and the rest of Twitter and Facebook watched. If you have not seen it, the video was leaked in late January 2017, coincidentally a few days before the premiere of the movie. But what some don’t know, is that the clip was recorded in November 2015. Why would they wait almost a year and a half to report dog abuse? Which, by the way, is a federal crime. The German Shepherd in the video, Hercules, was confirmed to love the water. He is happy and healthy, according to many credible sources connected to the movie.

            The movie opens with a boy, named Ethan, finding a puppy in the front seat of a hot car. The mother proceeds to break the window and rescue the pup from heat exhaustion. The dog eventually recovers and wakes to Ethan, sitting beside him. Ethan begs his mom to let him keep the pup and she agrees. The dog, now named Bailey, has never imagined a boy like this.

            As it continues, the theme of the movie is obvious: teaching people to laugh and live in the here and now. Walking away from this movie, I felt nostalgic and appreciating the times that I had growing up with Utley and Sissy, my now aging dogs. Although they’re the family dogs, my pup Taji (pictured below), is my absolute best friend. Just like in the movie, my pup goes just about everywhere with me.

            All in all, this movie is definitely worth the money. It tugs at the heart strings and makes you feel appreciative of the pups that you have had and currently have. It will make you cry, it will make you laugh. 

Wherever I am right now, I probably have my dog with me.
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