Campus Cutie: Joel Landis


Name: Joel Landis


Year: Junior


Hometown: Harrisburg


Major: Political Science with a minor in Sociology


Relationship status: Single


Describe yourself in three words: Witty but sh**ty


Idea of a perfect date: Ice skating because if neither of you know how to you can learn together and fall around, or if one person knows how and the other doesn’t you can teach the other one, or if you both know you can have fun and race.


Favorite band or artist: The Microphones, they’re kind of their own genre.


Favorite TV show: “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”


Favorite class at SU: Campaigns class with Dr. Dagnes. I had the role of a conservative reporter and wrote articles bashing my classmates all semester and got an A.


Biggest pet peeve: People who lack empathy for others.


Something most people don’t know about you: I’ve attempted at least once to kidnap my neighbor’s cat.


Proudest accomplishment: Coming to college and earning good grades, because I was a really awful student in high school.


Chick flicks or horror movies?: Horror movies. However, my favorite movie is, “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.”


What is your favorite SU memory?: Meeting you, Brittany Ort and Collin Gardner.


What do you look for in a significant other?: Compassionate and trustworthy are the most important qualities.


Who is your celebrity crush?: If we’re basing it purely off looks, Mary Elizabeth Winstead.


If you were a food, what would you be?: A matzo ball because I’m full of character and culture.