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Beware These 5 Types of Guys Lurking on Every College Campus

Beware these 5 Types of Guys Lurking on Every College Campus

1.The sweet talker—oh, the sweet talker. They seem so genuine, right? Probably not. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of nice guys out there. BUT, there is also an abundant amount of smart guys who know what they want, and they know exactly how they can get it. Never fall for a cheesy pickup line—are you honestly flattered that you must be tired because you’ve been running through his mind all day?

2. The pretty boy—don’t let his superb sense of style and pearly whites fool you ladies. Somehow they get to us. We. Can. Not. Let. Them. We all know that one guy who checks himself out quite too frequently. The guy who you see when you are out and he constantly has a posse of at least five or more girls hanging all over him. He thinks because he has the looks that he can get whatever he wants, well he is wrong. Caving into the pretty boy will only make his already oversized head even larger.

3. The “Netflix and chill” guy—If his ideal first date is for you to come over and watch Netflix, IT’S A TRAP. We all know the reputation. Ten years from now, there are going to be plenty of mothers looking down at their children saying “well, it all started when your father asked me to come over and watch Netflix.” Please don’t let this be the mockery of our generation. There is nothing wrong with casually watching Netflix with a friend, but we all know that is not the case here. This is the type of guy who only hits you up on a Saturday night at approximately 1:43 a.m. saying “what’s up?” If he really wants to know what’s up, he will spark a conversation when he is sober and the stars aren’t out. Odds are, this guy doesn’t want to know what’s up, he wants to know what’s underneath your clothes. Avoid these men at all costs. Responding to that late-night text is just asking for heartache down the road. Block his number and have fun with your friends—the ones who are safe to watch Netflix with.

4. The one who’s off the radar—When you meet a cute boy at a party, we all know what you are going to be doing the next day. You’re going to stalk his social media. It’s a given, you need to find out everything about him.  What do you do when you type his name into Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and there are no results? YOU RUN. He has got to be hiding something. Maybe it’s not the case, but come on it’s almost 2016. If I were you, I would find out. Does he have a girlfriend? Does he have two girlfriends? Three? Does he not want to be found? Do we have mutual friends?  Do we have the same interests? The social media world may never know. Find out why he is so low-key. If you can’t get a good answer out of him, make your escape.

5. The Meninist—we all follow the account on twitter and we all know exactly what type of guy this is. The guy who thinks degrading women is absolutely hilarious. The cat-caller. The “women should know their place” kind of guy.  If he is whistling at you to come over to him and yelling obscene nonsense at you, steer clear. One day they will learn. Teach them a lesson—can you believe they actually think they can pick up a woman this way? These sorry souls will probably live in their mothers’ basements until they retire. Show them who’s boss.

*disclaimer* Can he be sweet and actually mean it? Yes. Can he be attractive and be a good guy? Yes. Can you watch Netflix together and actually pay attention to the screen? Yes. Can he be off the radar and be normal? Yes. Can he crack jokes here and there? Yes.

 Ladies, nice guys are out there—you just have to be aware that college campuses not only have the good guys, but the bad guys, too. We are grown adults in college who are responsible for making safe, well-educated decisions for ourselves. Know your limits, know your standards, and know your values. When we graduate and leave this place, we should be able to look back and say that while we might not always be respected by men, that we at least respect ourselves and made wise decisions based on these limits, standards, and values. We’re all going to find the right guy someday. There is no need to rush, do not settle for these types of guys.

Never let a guy dictate your happiness. College is about exploring ourselves and learning who we are and who we want to be. Don’t let societal pressures change who you are. Be better than a booty call. Be better than the girl waiting around for a text or call—go out and live. Just remember, in order to be respected, we must first respect ourselves.

Shippensburg University undergraduate student - Communication/Journalism & Human Communication Studies double major - Technical/Professional Communication minor
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