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5 Ways Guys React to “I’m a Virgin”

5 Ways Guys React to “I’m A Virgin”


All guys are different, that isn’t new information. However, when it comes to hearing these three words from a 20-something-year-old college girl, most guys quickly morph into one of these 5.


The Nonbeliever

No matter what, this guy isn’t buying it. Usually you’re met with a blank stare, sometimes a puzzled look and the same question reworded countless ways. “No way…really?” “So you’re really a virgin?” “You mean you’ve never had sex before?” “You’ve never had sex with anybody?” Finally at some point a very long and personal round of, “Well have you ever….” Starts.


The Phantom

Does this one even need further explanation? As soon as this guy hears those three words, he disappears! No more text messages, phone calls, he’ll probably even quit watching your Snapchat stories and pretend you no longer exist.



The Big Brother

Typically, this guy responds well, but loses any romantic interest in you. He might become a great friend and confidant, but sex is totally off the table! Usually he’ll respond to you with something like this:


The Timepiece

Generally, this guy has a positive response and is more than happy to stick around. You think things are going great, although somewhere in his head he’s got it made up that in X amount of time, if you’re not putting it down, he’s not staying around. In my own personal experience, The Timepiece has told me this, “I like you and all, but there’s no way I’m waiting like more than 3 months for sex.” …. On to the next!

The Boomerang

This guy will always come back to you in hopes of having sex. No really, I mean always. He will sit through any amount of torture (spending the next 3 months binge watching every season of Gossip Girl with you) in hopes that he can take things to the next level. 




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