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Why Students Should Not Feel Obligated to Graduate Post-Secondary in Four Years

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SFU chapter.

Many students go through post-secondary, carrying the expectation of graduating in four years. Although, as years go by and with constant competition amongst students, a finishing your final year of school with simply just a degree is not always enough. Various students are so focused on graduating as soon as they can, which takes away from the university experience. It is important to think to yourself, “I have a degree, but what can I do with it?”. There needs to be a key factor that clearly differentiates you from others. Nowadays, a degree completed in four years is not as impressive as it once was.

Those who do not have a job while in school may be able to easily complete university in four years; however, for those who take part in extra-curricular activities or are employed may need that extra year to graduate. A popular trend that many young adults seem to participate in is taking a year off to travel the world. This is a good way to de-stress and take a break from the constant learning since pre-K.

Various students feel the need to take part in a work experience so they have something to share on their resume. Thus, they could take a part in Co-op in order to gain and further their skills in their desired field. This could possibly prolong their university experience but will definitely be well worth it for their future careers. Some students may even take a year off just to work to earn money to pay for their university. Graduating with student loans is not always the ideal choice for some, so by taking a year to gain savings, it may ultimately be the smart decision in the long term.

There is nothing wrong with needing more time to graduate. It all just depends on what situations undergrads are in. The potential added benefits that individuals can gain through prolonging their university experience could enhance their futures. Therefore, students should take their time to earn their diploma or degree as there is NO rush.

Chelsea is a second- year Communications major, Publishing minor student at Simon Fraser University who has an interest in the Public Relations/ Marketing/ Communications field. When she is not studying or in class, she is most likely working or volunteering at school or around the community. She loves creating strong relationships with those she works with.. maybe a little too much! Always striving to succeed and constantly finding ways to improve herself through new experiences. Learn more about her on instagram: chelseabengco
Terri is currently a fourth-year Communication major at Simon Fraser University and Campus Correspondent for Her Campus SFU. Hailing from Hong Kong and raised in Vancouver, she has grown to love the outdoors and mountains of BC. Her favourite pastimes are reading historical fiction, hiking, lying on the beach drinking mojitos and attempting to snowboard. You can get to know her more on Instagram and Twitter at @terriling.