Why I Still Have My Teddy Bear

My bedroom is furnished to accommodate a busy schedule. This space contains necessities like a desk to do my homework on, a queen-sized bed to make myself feel like a grown-up, and to provide the most comfort to my 5'10 body, and spare blankets and pillows for when my friends crash after a night at the pub. But this room would feel incomplete without my teddy bear. His name is Bob.

Here are the five reasons why I will not be getting rid of my Bob any time soon:


1. Comfort: Along with my desk, my bed, and my extra blankets, my teddy bear serves a purpose. When I began university, there was an underlying feeling of anxiety. This anxiety made me believe that I must behave in the most rational, "adult-y" way possible. I soon realized that just because something served a purpose for me as a child, did not mean that the object stopped serving a purpose for me as an attempted adult.


2. Nostalgia. In extension to providing comfort to me from dealing with the stresses of daily life, Bob is a reminder of who I once was. While keeping one's teddy bear into adulthood seems like a denial of growing up, Bob can also act as a way of reminding myself that I have grown up quite a bit, (and let’s be real, hopefully still growing up). The idea of being a developing person rather than a segmented person who would be detached from the past provides a sense of everyday accomplishment combined with humility.


3. Antimaterialism. While a teddy bear is a material object (don't worry-- I'm not talking to Bob as if he is my volleyball friend, Wilson), this teddy bear could provide good practice in antimaterialism. Every time I attempt to polish my identity, I tend to shop first and take action second. For example, I decided that I wanted to be an artist, so naturally I spent far too much money on paint and not nearly enough time on practicing painting. Acknowledging that owning a teddy bear does not determine my identity as to whether or not I am an adult can help maintain focus on actually being responsible rather than materialistic.


4. Respectfulness. In keeping with the argument against materialism, keeping your teddy bear displays a sense of respectfulness for what you own. General practices in respect to your physical environment could provide you with an overall calmness. Plus, if getting rid of your teddy bear is the norm, then keeping your furry friend might encourage you to be more accepting of other peoples’ quirks.


5. Why not. I think my teddy bear is cute. I like my teddy bear. I will keep my teddy bear until I have a valid reason to do otherwise.