Tips for Getting Through School When You’re Sick

We’ve all been there. You’re halfway through hell week when you feel a little tickle in your throat. Or maybe you sneeze once. Either way, it’s happening. You’re undoubtedly and inevitably getting sick.

So when that sickness hits you, here are some tips to help get you through the day:


1. Tea. Tea tea tea. Preferably something with turmeric and ginger (immune boosters!) but anything will do. Throw some honey and lemon in there and you’ve basically got liquid gold.


2. NeoCitran and Emergen-C. These are especially important when you live with a lot of other students in close quarters. NeoCitran is a weird powder you make very badly tasting tea with, but it works wonders. If anything can cure you, it’s NeoCitran. Emergen-C is another weird powder that you make a nice drink with! It’s full of vitamins and electrolytes that will help stop you from getting sick if you drink it early enough.


3. And, because you always need more vitamins in your life, maybe take some actual vitamins. Vitamin C is always great! Multivitamins too. Load your body with all the vitamins that your student diet takes away from you.


4. Big scarves – are they fashionable, or do they just work as blankets when you’re in class? Who knows. You shouldn’t nap in class, in theory, but when you’re that sick you’re inevitably going to fall asleep in the middle of your stats lecture. At least you can do it while you’re comfortable. Plus, if you need to sneeze, sneeze directly into your scarf! Maybe you won’t get absolutely everyone else sick along with you.


5. Get some sleep. Yes, I know you have assignments due, but just do it. Your body needs it.


6. Finally, take some time off. School is hard and challenging and it does suck to miss classes, but you have to do it if you don’t want your sickness to drag out for weeks. Get notes from friends or check the slides online. If we’re being honest, you’ve probably skipped a few classes already, and missing one more so that your body can heal and you can get back to being healthy won’t hold you back.