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Star-Crossed By Kacey Musgraves Album Review

On September 10th, 2021 legendary artist Kacey Mugraves released her fifth studio album Star-Crossed. The release of this album was highly anticipated as it is her first body of work since the shocking announcement of her divorce from Ruston Kelly in 2020. 

The album consists of fifteen songs and almost all of them are very depressing. Star-Crossed is an amalgamation of the lows of life whereas Musgraves’ previous ultra-romantic album Golden Hour reflects the highs of life. In this album Kacey writes about how her “golden hour faded black” and I am here to review each track.


The album opens with the title track star-crossed. This song is dramatic, cinematic, and over the top in the best way possible. This song has that cinematic element which makes the opening of the album seem very exciting, we love to hear it.

Favourite line: “let me set the scene, two lovers ripped apart at the seam” 

Good wife

Honestly, this song is just about gender roles and we hate them. But, for real, we all want to excel and have happy lives and Kacey captures that with good wife. I love this song nonetheless even if I never plan on being a good wife.

Favourite line: “And the truth is I could probably make it on my own. But without him, this house just wouldn’t be a home. And I don’t wanna be alone”

Cherry blossom

Cute song! It is a little bit of a bop, but not like a major bop. I feel like this is a bit of a sad song masked as an upbeat type vibe as the lyrics describe not wanting to blow away sad stuff.

Favourite line: “summer was coming and change was too”

Simple times

Nostalgia hits hard with this song. Like, yes Kacey we all want to be 12 again! Being grown up really does suck most of the time, but luckily this song doesn’t. 

Favourite line: “Wish that I could put this game on pause, skip this round, take the headset off, put my lip gloss on, kick it at the mall like there’s nothing wrong”

If this was a movie..

This lowkey sad song has the same cinematic value that star-crossed has which is great. Honestly, we all wish life was a movie sometime, but even though it’s not at least we have this chill song. 

Favourite line: “If this was a movie, love would be enough” 


If you’ve come across someone screaming this song in their car, hi that was me. For real, I blast this song everyday because it really just hits for me right now (i’m going through it a little bit). But, we love justifying our feelings! Pop off, Kacey!

Favourite line: “If I need just a little more time to deal with the fact that you should have treated me right, then I’m more than just a little justified”


Hands down, this is the best song on the album or at least it’s my favourite. Angel is a beautiful love-ish song that is very reminiscent of the songs on Golden Hour, but if they were sad. This song is all about what they wish they could be, but can’t since they can’t change. 

Favourite line: literally all of them. I can’t pick. 


Pop off Kacey. First, the song gives off y2k movie vibes. Second, feminism is radiating, I love it. Third, the lyrics are piping hot tea. I love how she brings up the fact that men love a successful woman until they achieve more success than them because it is so true it hurts! In this song, Kacey blames her former partner as the reason why they are no longer together in front of the whole world and that is the level of petty I aspire to be. 

Favourite line: “he wants your shimmer to make him feel bigger until he starts feeling insecure”

Camera roll

This song is very boring and I skip it every time it comes on. Camera roll is generally about the photos of you and your significant other in your phone, boring and sad!

Favourite line: none!

Easier said

Eh, boring, skip it!

Favourite line: the end of the song

Hookup scene

Listening to this song makes me feel so sad for Kacey. I just can’t imagine being married and then being thrown back into dating in 2021, horrific. Despite that, this song is so heartful and simple, but beautiful. One of my go to sad songs now,

Favourite line: “If you’ve got someone to love and you’ve almost given up. Hold on tight. Despite, the way they make you mad ’cause you might not even know that you don’t have it so bad”

Keep lookin’ up

Country girl Kacey is back at it again with this rural bar open mic vibe of a song. This song radiates small town vibes in the best way possible, I can’t explain it, you will just have to listen to it.

Favourite line: “Grew up in the sticks where there ain’t no light, but the stars were big and bright”

What doesn’t kill me

We love a girlie bop! This song is all about redemption and picking yourself up after a rough period of time in your life. We love Christina Yang dancing to this song!

Favourite line: “what doesn’t kill me better run” 

There is a light

There is a light has so much flavour from varying instruments to uplifting lyrics, we love to see it. It’s giving me very “this little light of mine” vibes. 

Favourite line: “there is a light, it’s so bright, but i’ve been hiding it”

Gracias a la vida 

Not going to lie, I always skip this song when it comes on. Gracias a la vida is a beautiful song originally written and performed by Violeta Parra, but Kacey’s version is just weird. Like if aliens produced music it would be Kacey’s version of Gracias a la vida. I would recommend just listening to Violeta’s version instead.

Favourite line: “gracias a la vida” (don’t judge me, it’s just a very nice line)

Overall, Star-Crossed is the type of album you play on a long car ride during the fall. You know, seasons are changing, people are aging, life is not the same as it used to be. The album represents the period of your life that is in transition to the next phase. 

There are so many different themes present in this album that really can cater to everyone and their tastes. Props to Kacey for making such a diverse album!

Kiara is an International Studies major concentrating in International Security and Conflict with a minor in Labour Studies at Simon Fraser University.
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