A Spring Fashion LookBook

Happy spring break to those of you who are fortunate enough to have a spring break and happy mid march to everyone else! Due to the unusually sunny weather us, Vancouverites have been experiencing lately (but shouldn’t get too excited about since it probably won’t stick around for long) I thought I would put out a piece all about lighter transitional looks for the early spring months.

1 – All Flowy Everythin’

This first look is a little bit airier compared to the typical cozy winter knits; it features this light tie-front blouse that perfectly compliments these gorgeous soft toned vintage trousers (courtesy of the lovely Conner of Baby’s Basement Vintage). This outfit is perfect for those warmer breezy spring days when you don’t want to be bundled but aren’t quite ready for t-shirts and shorts.

2 – Spring Whites

Personally, when I think spring tones, I definitely think of whites and pastels. So basically, this outfit just embodies spring in my mind. The white on white top and bottoms add a fun summery look while the distressed denim jacket both adds a layer of warmth – I do live in Canada, not California after all – and another layer of colour which I love because it gives the look some depth.

3 – That One Practical Look

Obviously there has to be that one look that is somewhat practical and this is definitely it. While there is nothing in particular that stands out in these pieces, I think the main feature is the use of the jacket and sunglasses. The leather jacket adds that extra layer which – if it is warm enough – can be worn on your shoulders like I am here to add a more chic feel to the outfit. The sunglasses (although probably the least practical aspect of the look) tie everything together in my mind and become somewhat of the focus of the outfit because I always have to have that one statement piece!


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