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The Perks of Being Bilingual

The ability to communicate and express your thoughts with multiple individuals is simply a beautiful act. With the many languages that are spoken all over the globe, it creates difficulty for some to connect with others. Therefore, I encourage all to expand your knowledge and think about learning a new language. Here are some benefits of being able to speak more than one language! It is never too late to learn!


A Way to Differentiate Yourself from Others, Especially in the Job Market

One day you may have the opportunity to apply for your dream career. There may be numerous individuals that have similar resumes to you. That one determining factor that may land you the job could quite possibly be the trait of being bilingual.

Influence You to Travel the World

A factor that is stopping you from going to your next destination may be the fact that you won’t know how to communicate with those around you, especially in an unfamiliar surrounding. This may help you find the drive to learn the language to help you effortlessly adjust to the new environment and people.

Makes You Feel Smarter

When someone mentions that they can fluently speak a language other than their mother tongue, the person is viewed in a positive light. This shows that the individual put in extra work to learn a whole new language that they’re not familiar with, which instantly makes them appear more intelligent. Being bilingual also helps you become a better multi-tasker and overall better problem solver!

Chelsea is a second- year Communications major, Publishing minor student at Simon Fraser University who has an interest in the Public Relations/ Marketing/ Communications field. When she is not studying or in class, she is most likely working or volunteering at school or around the community. She loves creating strong relationships with those she works with.. maybe a little too much! Always striving to succeed and constantly finding ways to improve herself through new experiences. Learn more about her on instagram: chelseabengco
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