An Open Letter to My Term Paper

Dear Term Paper, 

Hi Term Paper, how are you doing? I know, awkward pleasantries and all that, but the thing is…well, we need to talk. I know that we haven’t spoken for a while, but I feel the need to get my thoughts about you down on paper.  You see, Term Paper, I am conflicted and hurt at the moment, and you, dear Term Paper, are the cause of my stress. 

Our relationship started out so well. A mere twelve weeks ago we were introduced for the first time, and I would say that we got along pretty well. We did not see each other often, and when we did, it was only for a few minutes at a time, but those minutes were filled with such promise and hope. We would laugh, and joke, and come up with some brilliant ideas. Granted, they never really became fleshed-out ideas. In reality, I guess they were closer to pipe dreams than anything else, but it didn’t ever seem to matter. We had a vision together: a miraculous, “A”-grade vision that would bring us closer to that 4.0 GPA. 

But things just aren’t what they once were, Term Paper, and I feel you have a lot to do with our issues. It started about two weeks ago, when we sat down for real this time. It should have been perfect. Our ideas before had been so ingenious and intelligent, but this time, everything just seem to fall flat. It was like we could not agree on anything. I would start to write on what we once thought was the best of ideas, but instead of helping, you seemed to simply withdraw. Nothing was good enough for you, and no matter what ideas I came up with, you just shot them down. It hurt, Term Paper, it really did. You just seemed to want to nitpick everything. My topic, my sources. Even my grammar. Nothing was good enough for you, Term Paper. We must have gone through at least three working thesis statements before I suggested that we take a time out. 

That was one week ago now. One whole week, and I have not heard a word from you. In fact, I have avoided even thinking about you altogether; but this cannot go on, Term Paper. You are due to my Professor in just a week, and I cannot afford to fail this class. It would not look good for me, but it would also not look good for you, Term Paper. Maybe I have been too harsh to you. Maybe I expected too much, and put you under too much pressure. If I have, I apologize.  But at this point, it is critical that we put our differences aside, and focus on the end goal: to write a paper that is worthy of that coveted top grade, or at very least write something good enough to get us through the course. Perhaps it is best to lower expectations, and simply be realistic. Maybe that will help us get past our differences. 

I miss you, Term Paper. I miss the ideas we once shared, and the optimism that we once held. I am not the fondest of you right now, but we need to work together. I believe we can do it. You just need to believe as well. 

I will be waiting in the library today at three o’clock. I hope to see you there.