Natalie Lim

Natalie is one awesome lady, and two of my favorite words to describe her are funny, and smart as a whip. I have had the pleasure of getting to know her over the past few semesters, and have gotten to know both how quick-witted she is, and how much of a better singer she is than me! So, it is my pleasure to present this week’s profile, the wonderful Natalie Lim!

Major: Communications major and English minor.
Year: 2nd
Hometown: Vancouver! 

How far along are you in your degree?
I'm two years into my four-year degree, but I'm planning to do three terms of Co-Op, which will add another year to that. So really, I'm two years into a five-year degree. Sigh.

What are your plans for after you graduate?
I really have no idea. My idealistic, dream job would be working as some sort of journalist, but considering the current state of journalism (looking at you, Buzzfeed), I'm not sure I want to pursue that anymore. I'm planning to try a couple of different career options out with the Co-Op program, and hopefully during that process I'll find something that I love and end up doing that! 

What are your hobbies?
I love making music (I mostly sing, but I can also adequately play the guitar and piano), and writing and reading poetry.

I know you like to sing. What drew you to that?
I grew up in a pretty musical household, and my parents have great taste in music, so I grew up listening to the Beatles, the Carpenters, and Simon & Garfunkel, and singing along to "Let It Be" in the car. Loudly. My love for choir started up when my mom enrolled me in a youth choir at my church (somewhat against my will) in grade three. I quickly realized that singing with other people who also loved singing was exponentially more fun than singing by myself, and I've been a total choir nerd ever since.

What is something you can do that you're proud of?
Hm. I'd have to say that I am proudest of my writing. I don't often share it with other people, so it's more of a private thing, but sometimes I'll go back and read poems that I wrote two or three years ago and think, "Hey! Nice use of metaphor, past me!"

Marry, Kiss and Kill three literary characters!
Marry: Fitzwilliam Darcy [from Pride and Prejudice] - bonus marriage points if he looks exactly like Colin Firth!
Kiss: Augustus Waters [from The Fault in Our Stars] - I love me some YA, and I've followed John Green and his brother Hank on YouTube for years. Bonus kissing points if he looks exactly like Ansel Elgort!
Kill: Christian Grey, from Fifty Shades of Grey. I haven't read it, but if he was dead, then the books wouldn't exist. And the movie wouldn't exist. And Jamie Dornan would remain forever in my mind as Sheriff Graham from Once Upon a Time. (I'm only a little bit bitter.)