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#MeetTheExec: Summer Lui, Social Media Director

Hi friends! We are back with another Executive team member introduction! This week’s profile is dedicated to Summer Lui, our Social Media Director.

Summer is a fourth-year history student with a strange admiration for Bakunin, a Russian revolutionary anarchist. Moreover, she loves sloths, her dog and really really really loves her coffee. Like many others, she will get a headache if she doesn’t drink her coffee. (See photo above of Summer happily drinking her iced coffee.) When not focusing on schoolwork or Her Campus, you can find her working hard in a retail position at Aritzia.

Luckily for us, she had time outside of school, work and Her Campus to answer a few of our burning questions. Continue reading to learn more about how she started her position at Her Campus, how she stays organized, and which Pokémon she would love to be.


The basics

Name: Summer Lui

Age: 21

Hometown: Vancouver

Program of Study: History  

Year: 4th

Social Media: ig @summerlui_


What we would like to know

How and when did you begin to get involved with Her Campus?

Well, this is my first year with Her Campus. Going into fourth year I found myself contemplating about my time spent at SFU, and realized that I haven’t really been involved. I’ve spent all my time with my head buried in books! I didn’t want all my experience on campus to be only studying and commuting. So that’s my reason why. The how is a bit of a funny story. Terri (our lovely Campus Correspondent) and I were hanging out one day and she was telling me about this new club she joined and what Her Campus was all about. After I went home I looked up Her Campus and read a bit more on it. A couple of days later I had made up my mind, if I wanted to be more involved this semester, this is where I wanted to start.


What is your favourite childhood show and why?

That is really hard, as I grew up watching a lot of TV (great parenting mom). If I had to choose one it would probably be Barney. I wouldn’t watch it now, but I loved that show as a kid.

You are at an all-you-can-eat buffet. What can we find on your plate(s)?

You can definitely find ALL the desserts on my plate. I have the biggest sweet tooth so when it comes to buffets, I always load up on the desserts. I love cakes, ice cream, mousse, puddings… anything except for fruit tart. Never really liked fruit tart.

Why did you decided to join Her Campus SFU’s Executive team?

I wanted to be part of something more than just studying in SFU. I wanted to be a part of the student body and do things that will impact others. I also needed a creative outlet. I am always reading and writing papers for class – I just needed to do something else.

What are your favourite Halloween-themed festivities and treats?

As I’ve said before in your buffet question, I have a huge sweet tooth! I’m a bit too old now, but my favourite Halloween-themed festivities would be trick-or-treating. LOVE THAT FREE CANDY. So I guess my favourite treats would be all the treats, except candy corn. I hate candy corn and fruit tarts… But my favourite items in my trick-or-treat pile would always be Tootsie Rolls, Sweet Tarts, Skittles, and those packets of Maynard’s candies.

Do you ever struggle with staying organized? Do you have any advice for staying organized?

In my first year of university is when I struggled with organization. After that I buckled down and figured myself out. Now my calendar and my planner are my best friends.

Some advice I wish I received earlier than later would be plan ahead and get a calendar, not only a planner. With a calendar you can write all your to-do’s for this semester and see it physically. I find that visual representation really helps with prevention procrastination. Hearing “two weeks” sounds like a long time from now but seeing “two weeks” shows that it’s not that far off.  Plan out your weeks accordingly with a goal/objective to accomplish for each day. Follow that weekly set-up and allow room for leveraging any spillover work that you may not have been able to complete the day before.

How do you plan on growing Her Campus SFU’s social media platforms?

By creating a fun, aesthetically pleasing, relevant, high quality and consistent content. Also our exec team this year has been great with keeping our social media up-to-date by keeping a tight posting schedule.

We had a giveaway with a local blogger (ig: @speakoftheangel), to boost our social media as well. Keep your eyes out for another potential giveaway happening soon!

If you were a Pokémon, which Pokémon would you be and why?  

I would be Snorlax. I’ve been really lacking sleep this semester so being able to sleep all day sounds great.

Who should follow Her Campus SFU’s social media platforms?

Everybody! Especially if you are a SFU student. We are catering to you!

Welcome to the team, Summer!

Sarah is graduating from SFU's Beedie School of Business after six years of studying marketing, human resources and international business. In her spare time, she volunteers to support other students' learning of business communications and at Greater Vancouver Board of Trade events. Connect with Sarah through LinkedIn or Instagram.
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